ChemiCloud Reviews New But Fantastic Hosting Provider

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Have you ever heard of Chemicloud Hosting? We are sure the answer is No because it is not as popular as reputed hosting providers like Bluehost and Hostgator. Our Chemicloud reviews give you a complete idea about this new but fantastic hosting company.

We did a careful review of ChemiCloud hosting services, and the results were surprising. While doing Chemicloud reviews, we found it to be one of the best hosting providers that we have used so far.

ChemiCloud is a rising star among web hosting providers, and you won’t regret choosing it. Chemicloud is not as popular as SiteGround and A2 Hosting. Still, they are emerging as the best web hosting due to their excellent services.

Check out this blog on Siteground vs Chemicloud reviews, and the results will amaze you. You may also refer our dedicated post on Siteground Reviews.

ChemiCloud Reviews Customer Support

Customer support and service is one of our top criteria to judge a quality hosting provider. We are impressed by Chemicloud’s support team’s knowledge and quick response time.

ChemiCloud customer support is available for 24×7 to help you. Their technical support team is reachable via email, phone, and live chat. The fastest way to reach them is via live chat.

We contacted Chemicloud customer service via live chat for a technical query. We were able to connect with support staff in less than 30s. Support staff, Jacob H, was able to answer all our questions.

Visit this link for step by step process to buy Chemicloud hosting service.

ChemiCloud Reviews Free Services

Chemicloud offers a lot of free services that make them an affordable hosting provider.

During our research, we found that Chemicloud provides many free services. However, we suggest contacting customer support for more latest offers.

Lifetime Free Domain

Chemicloud offers a free lifetime domain in all hosting plans. It means that as long as you have an active hosting service with them, they will renew your domain for you.

You can choose your free domain name from popular extensions such as .com, .net, .org, and many more.

Additionally, you can also create an unlimited number of subdomains under your primary domain.

[Updated] I completed one year with Chemicloud and for some reason, domain renewal was charged wrongly. I contacted customer support and they accepted their fault and issued a refund.

Wrongly Charged For Domain Renewal ChemiCloud.
Wrongly Charged For Domain Renewal ChemiCloud.

It was another example that shows, that they are trustworthy.

Free CDN

You will get free CDN with ChemiCloud Hosting. Yes, that’s true, and I am not talking about the free version of Cloudflare CDN. Their hosting comes with free LightSpeed CDN that increases your website performance.

Check out the blog post on the EasyWP review that provides free CDN.

Free Domain Transfer

It is challenging to manage a website if the domain and hosting services are with different providers. Chemicloud offers free domain transfer for every customer.

You just have to ask their customer support, and they will transfer your domain without any cost.

Free Website Migration

Migrating a website from one hosting provider to another is a complex and lengthy task. Sometimes it can crash your website so severely that you cannot even recover it.

We suggest you leave this task to Chemicloud Expert. Chemicloud technical staff can move your website free of cost with no downtime. You just have to contact customer support and they will move your site to Chemicloud hosting.

Many web hosting companies like Siteground do not offer free website migration. Chemicloud’s free website migration makes them a cost-effective hosting solution.

Free SSL Certificate

Chemicloud offers a free SSL certificate for every plan. SSL certificate is highly recommended for every website these days. It provides not only a secure connection but also a better search engine ranking.

ChemiCloud Performance Review

The performance or speed of a website is vital for any business. If your site is slow, then you are losing revenue. Particularly small websites or businesses can fail even before a start.

Therefore, we have been observing Chemicloud Server Response time and website speed to measure its performance. As per our observation, we highly recommend Chemicloud as your hosting provider.

Our Chemicloud reviews include server response time, page loading speed, uptime, and storage disk’s analysis to test their hosting performance.

Chemicloud Server Response Time

Our website is running on Chemicloud shared hosting. Therefore, we regularly monitor its response time, and we always get a fantastic result.

Our website has an average server response time of 190ms, which is quite higher than 96% percent of sites.

Along with the average response time, we also monitor response time from different countries. We found a pleasing low response time between 70ms to 341ms.

ChemiCloud Server Response Time
ChemiCloud Server Response Time

Chemicloud Page Loading Speed

It is also crucial that your website should load as fast as possible. While doing the Chemicloud review, we used GTMetrix and Google page speed insight to measure the speed.

Usually, you need to optimize the website to get a better page loading speed. However, without any website speed optimization, our page loaded at 2.2s.

GT Matrix Page Speed Score Of Chemicloud Website
GT Matrix Page Speed Score Of Chemicloud Website

We should always monitor the page loading speed of our website. We frequently update this section to provide the current loading speed of our website.

We are happy to inform you that we always get page loading speed less than 2.5s. Additionally, we have been maintaining a page speed score of 99% and YSlow Score to 91%.

You can follow our blog on website speed optimization for all essential settings that can skyrocket your website speed.

Chemicloud GTMetrix Page Loading Speed
Chemicloud GTMetrix Page Loading Speed

ChemiCloud Uptime 99.99%

No one likes downtime for the website. It does not matter how fast your site is if it down means the end of the story. Hence, we highly recommend using a hosting company that has a high uptime rate.

Chemicloud has an excellent uptime rate of 99.99%. It means your website will always be up for your visitors.

Chemicloud allows you to choose server location nearer to visitors. As a result of which, visitors get lower response times and better user experience.

SSD Storage Disk

Chemicloud offers SSD disk storage. SSD disks are fast and reliable in serving data. Using SSD disk storages increases your website loading speed.

Chemicloud Reviews Hosting Plans

While doing Chemicloud reviews, we were impressed by their hosting plans. Chemicloud offers four types of hosting services Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS Hosting.

In comparison to its competitor, all hosting plans are available at an affordable price.

Hosting Plans Current Price Regular Price Monthly Plan
Shared Hosting$3.95$7.9NO
WordPress Hosting$3.95$7.9NO
Reseller Hosting$19.9$19.9YES
Cloud VPS Hosting$59.9$59.9YES

Shared Hosting

Chemicloud offers three shared hostings plans Starter, Pro, and Turbo. All plans have great essential features which are enough for hosting small or large websites.

All shared hosting plan offers a free lifetime domain and 45 days of money back guaranty.

Chemicloud Shared Hosting Plans

Web Hosting Starter

The starter plan starts at $3.95 per month, which allows only one website to host. It includes a lifetime free domain, free SSL, 15 GB of SSD storage, and unlimited email accounts.

Web Hosting Pro

The ChemiCloud pro plan includes all features of the Starter plan. You will get many extra benefits to this plan. This plan costs you $6.95 per month. You can host an unlimited number of websites with 25 GB of SSD disk space.

Priority customer support is available in this plan. The pro plan also offers a daily backup and one-click restore option.

Web Hosting Turbo

The Turbo plan is a little bit costly, but it has many premium features. You can host an unlimited number of websites and will get 35 GB of SSD disk space.

The Turbo plan gives higher speed and reliability. It includes the Turbo boost features that increase your website performance with 3x more server resources.

Advanced caching options like OPcache and Memcached are available to skyrocket website speed.

ChemiCloud Reviews on WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a popular content management system and recommended website builder for beginners. Chemicloud offers fully managed WordPress hosting, which is pre-optimized to provide a secure and fast WordPress site.

You can use shared hosting to install WordPress. However, managed WordPress hosting gives you better performance.

We suggest choosing WordPress hosting instead of shared hosting for WordPress sites.

Pros Of ChemiCloud WordPress Hosting
Pros Of ChemiCloud WordPress Hosting

Now WordPress hosting plans are pretty much similar to shared hosting plans. Additionally, you will get faster page times, high security against WordPress-specific threats, automatic WordPress updates, and WordPress staging.

If you looking for more powerful WordPress hosting solutions then check out our post on CloudWays vs Kinsta.

ChemiCloud Reviews VPS Hosting

If you have a website that has 5,000 visitors per day, then VPS hosting is best for you. VPS hosting assigns dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, and IP address. Therefore, VPS hosting is expensive than shared and WordPress Hosting.

Chemicloud VPS Hosting offers four plans Chromium, Iron, Bronze, and Silver. All VPS hosting plans provide a lot of free and essential features that reduce your initial cost.

  • Free cPanel License.
  • Fifteen days money back Guarantee.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL.
  • 99.99% uptime guaranty.
  • A Dedicated IP address.
  • 100% fully managed VPS hosting.
  • Multiple Server location.
  • Priority Customer Support.

If you are trying to find a cheaper VPS solution, then check out our A2 Hosting Reviews. A2 Hosting VPS plans start at $5 per month.

Chemicloud Cloud VPS Hosting Plan
Chemicloud Cloud VPS Hosting Plan

Pros And Cons ChemiCloud Hosting

We love Chemicloud hosting, but like every web hosting provider, Chemicloud has some pros and cons. Hence, we thought to include them in our Chemicloud Reviews.

These pros and cons can help you to decide if you should buy their services or not.

Pros Of ChemiCloud Web Hosting Service

  • They are fast, effective and reliable
  • Cheap and affordable web hosting service
  • Great Tech Support
  • Easy to use control panel
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • A Free domain name and website transfer
  • 50% Discount on all services

Cons Of ChemiCloud Hosting Service

So far, we have never faced any issue with Chemicloud. However, we think below are some points which go against them.

  1. Frequent changes in pricing.
  2. New Hosting Provider.
  3. High Renewal Price.

ChemiCloud Reviews On Social Media

Now lets what users are saying about Chemicloud on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These social media reviews directly come from end-user who actually have used their hosting. So, this section is pretty informational.

ChemiCloud Reviews On Facebook

Chemicloud’s Facebook page is full of positive user reviews. Here are some screenshots.

ChemiCloud User Reviews on Facebook
Excellent Chemicloud Reviews By Facebook Users
ChemiCloud Positive Reviews On Facebook
Facebook ChemiCloud User Reviews

ChemiCloud Review On Twitter

We have been monitoring tweets about Chemicloud. ChemiCloud users are happy with their great service. Below are some positive feedbacks on twitter about them.

chemicloud reviews on twitter
ChemiCloud Reviews on Twitter
Twitter User Reviews Of ChemiCloud Hosting
Positive Chemicloud Reviews on twitter.

ChemiCloud Reviews On YouTube

YouTube is a great platform to see user reviews on web hosting. Many YouTubers have shared their reviews on Chemicloud.

ChemiCloud Reviews On YouTube

Verdict: Do We Recommend ChemiCloud?

Absolutely Yes, we highly recommend Chemicloud. If you are a beginner or running a small website, you can go with shared hosting. Additionally, the Turbo Plan is more than enough for large sites. Above all, VPS hosting is also available for large e-Commerce websites.

In short, Chemicloud is a complete package for a fast, reliable, trustworthy, and affordable hosting solution. You can choose them without a second thought, and you won’t regret choosing them.

Our Chemicloud reviews were published a year back and still, we are proud customers of Chemicloud.

Submit Your ChemiCloud Reviews

Now, we request you to provide your reviews on Chemicloud. We will review it and publish it if they are genuine. It does not matter good or bad, be honest and, submit your Chemicloud reviews.

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