EasyWP Review Powerful Managed WP Hosting At Lower Price

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EasyWP is powered by Namecheap that provides managed WordPress hosting at an affordable price rate. We did an in-depth analysis of them to write this Easywp review. This post helps you to decide if it is a better option than any other managed WordPress hosting.

Our EasyWP review has covered various aspects of this hosting provider. Below is an overview of all the factors we have considered for this review. You can follow this post to know the advantages of managed WP hosting.

EasyWP Review Ease Of Use

As EasyWP only provides managed WordPress hosting, you can only use it for creating WordPress sites. Managed WordPress hosting by default comes with WordPress and necessary plugins. As a result, you do not have to worry about installing WordPress and plugins.

EasyWP does not provide any cPanel dashboard. However, they have a simple and faster Dashboard for managing sites. As a beginner, you may face some difficulties to find many options. However, once you spend some time on it, you will love using it.

EasyWP hosting also takes care of regular updates of WordPress, security features, and essential plugins. Now, if you are using a custom SSL certificate, then you need to take care of SSL renewal.

EasyWP Dashboard
EasyWP Dashboard

With EasyWP hosting, you can quickly set up WordPress websites. You can follow the video tutorial to see the complete steps.

WordPress Set-Up on EasyWP Hosting

EasyWP Review Hosting Price

Hosting price is vital in any product or services review. Let do an EasyWP review on its hosting cost.

EasyWP is a managed WordPress hosting provider. Hence, they have only three WordPress hosting plans.

EasyWP hosting price is way lower than any other Managed WordPress Hosting. On top of it, they allow hosting at $1 for the first month, which further reduces EasyWP hosting price.

EasyWP Review Hosting Price
EasyWP Review Hosting Price

EasyWP hosting offers monthly plans, but selecting yearly plans gives benefits of a 23% discount. Now, starter plans look to be cheaper plans, but we strongly suggest reviewing all hosting plans.

In the next section, we will discuss the essential features of EasyWP hosting plans.

Essential Features EasyWP Hosting

EasyWP Review Essential Features
EasyWP Essential Features

Primary features are building blocks of the hosting provider. EasyWP hosting essential elements are better, not only in quality but also in quantity.

EasyWP hosting provides three hosting plans, Starter, Turbo, and Supersonic. The starter plan looks to be cheaper, but we suggest selecting Turbo and Supersonic. Both of them have more features than the Starter plan.

All hosting plans provide SSD storage, which is excellent for faster loading time. While the Turbo plans give 50GB of SSD storage, the Turbo plan offers 100 GB of SSD storage.

Now, the EasyWP Turbo hosting plans gives 1.5x more CPU and RAM. Hence, it is capable of handling massive traffic of 2,00,000 visitors per month.

On the other hand, supersonic plans provide 2x CPU and RAM. As a result of which, the EasyWP supersonic hosting plan can handle 5,00,000 visitors per month.

On top of the above essential features, Turbo and Supersonic hosting plans offer free CDN. Please note that free CDN is only available with NameCheap Domain names.

To be honest, EasyWP essential features are impressive, even though the price is lower than other managed WordPress hosting. However, there are some cons of EasyWP hosting that you should keep in mind before choosing it.

EasyWP Review Performance

While doing the EasyWP review, we found that it gives faster page loading time. To test the performance, we have considered three-parameter and compared it with other Managed hosting providers.

Below table proofs that EasyWP gives a faster loading time at the lowest price.

Page Loading TimeTime To First BytePrice/Month
EasyWP0.7192 ms$3.88View Details
Bluehost0.8396 ms$24.95View Details
Chemicloud0.8200 ms$3.95View Details
WP Engine0.8245 ms$35.00View Details
Kinsta1.29491 ms$30.00View Details

Note that we have collected all the above for the brand new website. The data may be different once you install various plugins. Follow our dedicated post for speed optimization for a fully functional website.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

One of the huge merits of EasyWP hosting is that they offer a 30-days money-back guarantee. In case you do not like their services, you can request a full refund.

You can use the EasyWP money-back guarantee for testing their services for 30 days. Within 30 days, if their services do not meet your expectations, you can leave them.

EasyWP Customer Support Review

EasyWP customer support has expert technical staff available for 24 hours. While collecting data for the EasyWP review, we often contacted them for general queries.

To contact their customer support login to the NameCheap account. Once you log in, start a live chat to contact the customer support. They can even solve any complex hosting related issue.

Now, the only downside is that you have to go through several steps to reach EasyWP customer support. Hosting provider like Chemicloud and TMDHosting provides live chat support from the home page itself.

Cons of EasyWP hosting

Like every hosting provider, EasyWP also has some drawbacks. These cons help a lot to understand the reliability of a hosting provider. Hence, we thought of including these cons in our EasyWP review.

No Free SSL Certificate

EasyWP hosting does not provide a free SSL certificate. However, they allow you to purchase a premium SSL certificate from NameCheap. Now, you can still generate and install a free SSL certificate by using Lets Encrypt WordPress Plugin.

No Free Domain Name

Nowadays, most hosting provider offers a free domain name. EasyWP hosting plans do not provide a custom domain. It gives a temporary subdomain name, but that is not suitable for a production site.

You can use any domain name to point EasyWP hosting. Now, we suggest using the NameCheap domain name as it includes free CDN.

Dashboard Without cPanel

EasyWP does not provide any cPanel for managing sites. While for experts, it may not be a problem, but for beginners, it is challenging to perform specific tasks.

As EasyWP hosting is pre-optimized for WordPress websites, there is not much need for cPanel.

No Automatic Backups

Another con of EasyWP hosting is that there are no automatic backups. You have to install WordPress plugins to schedule automated backup.

EasyWP allows triggering manual backup from EasyWP Dashboard. However, installing backup plugins are a better way to take schedule backup.

Do We Recommend EasyWP Hosting?

Yes, We do recommend EasyWP Hosting. Most of the managed WordPress hosting providers are costly. Our EasyWP review verdict is that, at an affordable price, you can get quality WordPress hosting.

There is no harm in using EasyWP hosting, as you can always use its money-back guarantee.

Let us know your reviews on EasyWP hosting. Submit your EasyWP review on the comment section and give your rating below.

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