SiteGround vs ChemiCloud 2020 Which Is Better Web Hosting?

Siteground vs Chemicloud which is the best web hosting in 2020? Let us do an in-depth comparison of both web hosting companies. We will compare hosting price, free features, performance, customer support, ease of use and finally social media rating to conclude the best hosting provider.

Why Siteground vs Chemicloud

Siteground is way more popular then Chemicloud. As per google trend, Chemicloud is nowhere closer to the Siteground for the past 12 months. It is obvious because Chemicloud is new and running since 2016.

Though Siteground is well established, and an officially recommended website for WordPress. Chemicloud steadily marking its presence as a best web hosting company due to its excellent services.

Siteground vs Chemicloud Reviews Google Trend Analysis
Siteground vs Chemicloud Google Trend Analysis

Now why there is a need for Siteground vs Chemicloud comparison.

Many web hosting experts are talking about Chemicloud and claim that Chemicloud is the best alternative to Siteground. Hence we thought to do an unbiased review of these two web hosting companies.

While doing Siteground vs Chemicloud reviews we must not forget that both are excellent web hosting companies.

We have also written an in-depth Chemicloud review for our readers. This blog can help you decide if you can choose Chemicloud over Siteground. For our reader, we have also a dedicated post on Siteground Reviews.

There are a lot of differences between SiteGround and Chemicloud. However, below are some key features that help you to decide which one is better.

  • Free Lifetime Domain
  • 45 Days Money Back
  • 25,000 Visit Monthly
  • Free SSL
  • 15 GB SSD Space
  • Need To Register Domain
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • 10,000 Visit Monthly
  • Free SSL
  • 10 GB SSD Space

Siteground vs Chemicloud Free Feature

Siteground and Chemicloud are paid web hosting companies but both offer a lot of free services. Let us discuss all free services one by one to find out which of the has more free services.

Free Domain For LifetimeNOYES
Free Website TransferYESYES
Free Lets Crypt SSL CertificateYESYES
Free Daily Backup & RestoreYESYES
Free Domain TransferNOYES
Free CMS InstallYESYES
Free Shopping Cart Install YESNO

We can see Chemicloud offers more free services than Siteground. A domain name is necessary for web hosting and usually, we have to pay for it.

Chemicloud offers you a free domain for life. In the case of the Siteground, you need to buy a domain name.

You can also request for a free domain transfer in Chemicloud. Siteground does not provide free services to transfer a domain. You have to pay an extra amount to transfer your domain to Siteground.

So clearly in case of free web hosting features, we declare Chemicloud as a winner.

Chemicloud vs Siteground Essential Features

All web hosting companies provide common and essential features. Let us compare the essential features of both web hosting companies.

Siteground Chemicloud
Number Of Websites11
SSD Storage Space10 GB15 GB
Monthly Visits 10,000 15,000
Inodes1,50,000 1,00,000 
Mailbox Size2 GB2 GB
Physical Memory700 MB500 MB
Money-Back Guaranty30 Days45 Days

Both Chemicloud and Siteground offers you to host only one website on the starter plan. You can choose a higher web hosting plan to host unlimited websites.

Both Siteground and Chemicloud offer SSD storage space. Chemicloud gives you 15 GB while Siteground gives 10 GB of SSD storage.

Both web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth with a restriction on monthly visitors. Siteground starter plan can handle 10000 visitors per month. Chemicloud Starter plan can handle 15000 visitors per month.

In web hosting number of Inode means the total number of files you can store in web hosting accounts. Siteground has a higher number of Inodes then Chemicloud.

If you need unlimited Inodes then you should consider Cloud Hosting or VPS Hosting.

Both web hosting company offers money back guaranty. You can raise a money-back request to Chemicloud within 45 days. Siteground gives you a money-back guaranty only for 30 days.

Now In case of essential features, both companies are good. Now you need to decide which feature is important for your website and choose accordingly.

Siteground vs Chemicloud Pricing

The cost of web hosting is an important factor while choosing web hosting. Everybody wants the best and cheap web hosting and that’s where we make mistakes.

Let’s go for a head to head Siteground vs Chemicloud Price comparison for more clarity.

Note that the cost that you see on the landing page of web hosting may not be accurate. You will know the actual cost on the Checkout page only.

Siteground Web Hosting Plans
Siteground Web Hosting Plans

Before you start the comparison you must know what is base price and regular price in web hosting. Base price is the amount that you pay while purchasing web hosting for time. Usually, the base price is low as it includes discounts.

Regular price is the amount that you pay while renewing the services with a web hosting company. Regular prices are high as it does not include any kind of discount.

Chemicloud Best Web Hosting Plans
Chemicloud Best Web Hosting Plans

The below table will help us to decide which has a cheaper web hosting plan. Chemicloud does not provide hosting contracts for one year, hence below price comparison is for two years.

First Time Purchase/MonthRegular Price/MonthActual CostRenewing Price

On the first time purchase, Siteground is cheaper then Chemicloud. Now while renewing, Chemicloud is cheaper than Siteground.

Siteground is transparent in terms of web hosting costs that they show on the home page. In the case of Chemicloud, you will know the actual cost on the checkout page only.

For example, the base price of each web hosting company is $3.95 per month. Now for 2 years of web hosting it should cost 24*3.95 = 94.8$ which is not the case. Chemicloud web hosting price is $118.80 and the Siteground is $94.8.

So in case of web hosting price Siteground is cheaper then Chemicloud, so the Winner is Siteground

Siteground vs Chemicloud Performance

The performance or speed of a website is essential for SEO. Both Siteground and Chemicloud give excellent features to boost your website speed.

First, let us compare the Performance features available in web hosting providers.

Server Response Time136ms126ms
Multiple Server LocationYes (4)Yes (6)
Cache FeatureSuper Cacher (Partial)LiteSpeed Cache (Full)
Image OptimizationExternal PluginInbuilt Plugin

Server response time is the amount of time at which a web hosting server responds when the user opens a website. Chemicloud has a faster average response time of 126ms.

Note that the response time mentioned in the table is an average of 10 locations. Individual response time from different server locations is much higher than the average.

Below is the server response time of Chemicloud and Siteground from 10 different regions.

SiteGround Server Response Time ChemiCloud Server Response Time
US (Washington DC)10ms73 ms
US (San Francisco)45 ms1 ms
London142 ms102 ms
Singapore192 ms204 ms
Sao Paulo158 ms137 ms
Banglore313 ms288 ms
Sydney181 ms215 ms
Japan124 ms131 ms
Canada61 ms13 ms
Germany142 ms103 ms

Now from the above comparison, Siteground is faster in 5 locations whereas Chemicloud is faster other 5 regions. So in the case of web hosting server response time its a tie.

While purchasing web hosting make sure to select a server that is nearer to your website visitors.

Both Chemicloud and Siteground web hosting has SSD storage. SSD storage gives a better response time from the disk level.

In both web hosting companies, you will get CDN features. Siteground has external Cloudflare CDN whereas Chemicloud has an inbuilt CDN service.

Cloudflare CDN is quite difficult to set up and improper set up can slow down your website. Chemicloud CDN is easy to set up and more effective than Cloudflare CDN.

Caching and image optimization contribute a lot to increase website performance. Siteground and Chemicloud have both inbuilt plugins for Cache management.

Siteground has Super Cacher and Chemicloud has a LiteSpeed plugin for cache management. Super Cacher is limited to caching but with the LiteSpeed, cache plugin you can do caching as well as image optimization.

Siteground gives the best performance if you do website speed optimization correctly. For a beginner, Chemicloud is best as speed optimization is very easy to configure.

It is so easy to get a google page speed score of 100 with Chemicloud. You can check out my post for step by step guide for website speed optimization.

So Chemicloud is the winner in terms of Performance.

Siteground vs Chemicloud Uptime

Even a single minute of downtime can create a huge loss for your business. Your website must be up for all time for consistent revenue. Let us see how Siteground and Chemicloud perform in terms of Uptime.

Chemicloud uptime surprisingly high and above our expectations. Chemicloud has 99.99% of uptime SLA.

Siteground has also a high uptime rate of 99.99%. It means your website will always be available.

Chemicloud Uptime Statistics
Chemicloud Uptime Statistics
Siteground Uptime Statistics
Siteground Uptime Statistics

Siteground vs Chemicloud Customer Support

Siteground and Chemicloud have excellent customer support. Along with a general query, they can resolve your website’s complex technical issues. You can contact Customer supports via chat, email, and phone.

A good thing about their customer support is that they do not use the bot as a customer agent. Every agent is a real human and can help till all your queries are resolved.

In the case of customer support its a tie between Siteground vs Chemicloud.

Siteground Vs Chemicloud User Reviews

Now let us see what users have to say about Chemicloud vs Siteground. It is very rare to see any negative comments for both of these web hosting providers.

Hostadvice User Review

Hostadvice is a user review platform, only for web hosting providers. Every day thousands of real user gives reviews and rating on web hosting services. Hostadvice is reliable and trustworthy.

Chemicloud User Reviews and Rating On Hostadvice
Chemicloud User Reviews and Rating On Hostadvice
Siteground User Reviews and Rating On Hostadvice
Siteground User Reviews and Rating On Hostadvice

Trustpilot User Review

Trustpilot is another user review platform to get unbiased reviews for almost any services. Let us see what are the user’s reviews and ratings about Chemicloud and Siteground on Trustpilot.

Chemicloud User Review on Trustpilot
Chemicloud User Review on Trustpilot
Siteground User Review on Trustpilot
Siteground User Review on Trustpilot

Twitter Reviews

Both Chemicloud and Siteground has excellent reviews on social media. It is very hard to find any negative comments about them.

Hence, Its again a tie.

Siteground vs Chemicloud Ease of Use

Now let us compare which web hosting is easy to use. Siteground client area has a lot of blocks that contain promotional images. The Chemicloud client area is clean and essential links are easily accessible.

You need to switch between two consoles to access the client and the affiliate dashboard. Chemicloud client and affiliate dashboard are in the same console.

Both Chemicloud and Siteground provides the Cpanel area. Cpanel of both web hosting providers is easy to use.

Now in the case of useability, Chemicloud is the winner as it has a user-friendly console for a beginner.

Siteground vs Chemicloud Affiliate

If you are an affiliate marketer then both web hosting provider has an affiliate program. You do not have to purchase web hosting to join their affiliate program.

Siteground Affiliate Program

In the Siteground affiliate program, you can earn commissions up to $100 per sale. If you bring 20 customers per month then your average income can be $2000 per month.

The exciting part is that you can negotiate your affiliate commission if you refer more then 21 customers per month.

Siteground affiliate program offers 60 days of cookies duration. You can withdraw your affiliate commission after 30 days of valid purchase.

Siteground Affiliate Program And Commissions
Siteground Affiliate Program And Commissions

Chemicloud Affiliate Program

The Chemicloud affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs. You can earn up to $125 per sale if you refer more then 20 customers per month.

The Chemicloud affiliate program has long 90 days of cookies duration. You can withdraw your affiliate commission after 45 days of valid purchase.

Chemicloud Affiliate Program and Commission
Chemicloud Affiliate Program and Commission

Now Chemicloud and Siteground Affiliate programs have the same earning potential. 90 days of long cookies duration make Chemicloud unique.

Siteground vs Chemicloud Conclusion

Finally, its time to declare a winner for Siteground vs Chemicloud comparison. Let us summarize the entire post and decide which one is the best web hosting company.

Free FeaturesWinner
Essential FeaturesTieTie
Performance Winner
Customer SupportTieTie
User ReviewsTieTie
Ease Of UseWinner
Affiliate ProgramTieTie

We have considered nine factors to decide the winner Siteground vs Chemicloud. As per our consideration, Chemicloud is the winner. If you are searching for an alternative then read the post on TMDHosting vs SiteGround review.

As per our suggestion, you can go for Chemicloud without a second thought and you won’t regret it.

This post contains affiliate links. We may get some share if you click the links and purchase products. This helps us to manage this blog.

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