A2 Hosting vs DreamHost Find The Best Of Two?

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Ever since the web hosting industry took over the world of internet business, many web hosting companies have emerged with generous offers and top-notch features.

A2 Hosting vs DreamHost comparison was a tough task. However, after an in-depth analysis of them, I got a clear winner.

When giving a visual comparison between A2 Hosting and DreamHost, analysts use parameters such as price, features, performance, uptime, and support team reviews.

If you are stuck at which one deserves your attention, then this A2 Hosting vs Dreamhost review will be worth reading.

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A2 Hosting vs DreamHost Price Comparison

A2Hosting vs DreamHost - DreamHost Price
A2Hosting vs DreamHost – DreamHost Price

A2 Hosting vs DreamHost hosting price comparison was close, but I found DreamHost cheaper than A2 Hosting.

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The on-sale price of Dreamhost web hosting service is valued at $2.55/mo, while the renewal price is $7.59/mo.

In both scenarios, you get free domain registration and domain privacy for free. Moreover, you may qualify for a 97 days guarantee, but only when you use both a credit card and Google wallet as your preferred method of payment.

A2 Hosting, on the other hand, is priced at $2.99/mo. However, the renewal price will cost you $8.99/mo.

A2 Hosting vs DreamHost - A2 Hosting Price

Additionally, it promises an anytime money-back guarantee regardless of the method of payment. That alone proves it is a risk-free hosting.

A2 Hosting vs DreamHost Essential Features

A2 Hosting vs DreamHostA2 HostingDreamHost
Domain NameNAFree
SSD Storage100GB50GB
Money-Back GuaranteeAny Time97 Days

A2 Hosting and DreamHost have similar essential features, but it differs in quantity.

Both A2 Hosting and DreamHost gives SSD storage. While A2 Hosting provides 100GB of SSD storage, DreamHost offers 50GB of SSD storage.

On their basic hosting plans, A2 Hosting and DreamHost allow only one website, but they are well capable of handling unlimited visitors.

If you choose an unlimited shared hosting plan of DreamHost, then essential features like storage, bandwidth, number of web sites are unlimited.

DreamHost offers a free domain, whereas A2 Hosting does not offer such features. However, you can easily get a cheap domain from any domain provider.

Now, if you prefer having hosting and domain name with the same hosting provider, then ChemiCloud and HostArmada would be the best choice. The best thing is that both HostArmada and ChemiCloud offers free domain registration.

DreamHost gives an easy to use self-developed dashboard, for users. Some users may find it challenging to use. However, once you are familiar with the panel, you would love it.

A2 Hosting, on the other hand, has formed a partnership with cPanel. Free CPanel access gives users a much familiar dashboard for managing websites.

One of the critical differences between A2 Hosting and DreamHost is their money-back guarantee policy. DreamHost offers unbeatable 97-days of the money-back guarantee, while A2 Hosting has any time money-back guarantee.

If you ask for a refund to A2 Hosting within 30 days, you will get the entire amount. After 30 days, you still get a refund, but only the unused amount.

A2 Hosting vs DreamHost Performance Analysis

When I did A2 Hosting vs DreamHost speed comparison on Bitcatcha, I found A2 Hosting to be faster with the low response time.

A2 Hosting page loading speed is excellent, with a remarkably low server time of 27ms to 367ms.

A2 Hosting Speed Reviews
A2 Hosting Speed Reviews

On the other hand, DreamHost speed was good, but the server response time was between 30ms to 400ms.

The winner of A2 Hosting vs DreamHost is A2 Hosting when it comes to speed and response time. There are many reasons for the same.

Some reasonable points are as below.

Dreamhost relied on third-party auditor tools to support its data center, including SSL and reinforced AMD processors installed in its servers from the US.

The user can rest assured that their data is safe from third-party interference as long as they remain discreet about it.

A2 Hosting relies on Dell to serve with quad-core processors for better performance and reliability. Additionally, their turbo plans are more than enough to provide low response time and high page loading speed.

It has a quality-assuring server and multiple data centers worldwide that have redundant power and cooling options.

A2 Hosting vs DreamHost Support Team Review

Reliable hosting companies much have friendly and knowledgable technical support staff.

The good news is both the companies have reliable communication channels, giving their customers more opportunity to reach out to interestingly,

A2 Hosting offers support services via live chat, phone, or email for free. For Dreamhost, they provide support via live chat and email. However, you have to pay for phone support.

Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting vs DreamHost.

Pros of Dreamhost

  • Has established 23 years of trust thanks to its long history
  • Relies on SSL and reinforced AMD processors to encrypt the users’ confidential information
  • Relies on Spamhaus to filter email
  • Uses Arbor Networks to provide DDoS protection
  • Buys renewable energy credits and has a carbon-neutral footprint
  • Its affiliate program rewards users with $97 for every referral

Cons of Dreamhost

  • The technical support team may not be efficient for users who have not budgeted for phone services
  • Users without Google wallet and credit cards may fail to qualify for the 97-days guarantee
  • Lacks a demo version thus preventing trials

Pros of A2 Hosting

  • Has quality and multiple data centers across the globe
  • Technical support service for all channels are free
  • The web hosting services are affordable
  • Its quad-core processors offer an excellent performance
  • Risk-free thanks to the 30-days cash back guarantee

Cons of A2 Hosting

  • Its interface of cPanel may not be easy-to-use for users that aren’t tech-savvy
  • May not be suitable for a beginner since it lacks a website builder

Verdict: A2 Hosting Vs DreamHost

Both A2 Hosting and DreamHost have unique features, performance results, and prices.

Once you have identified the type of service you want to use, it is time to select the web hosting company of your choice. But before you do that, consider choosing the one that offers the fastest services.

With A2 Hosting, you will enjoy the most extended money-back guarantee, unlimited features on all tiers of shared places, and managed WordPress hosting.

In this case, A2 hosting is favorable for users who want value for their money thanks to the money-back guarantee.

On matters to do with fast performance, discount, free 24/7 phone and chat support, and top-notch cloud hosting support, A2 Hosting takes the cup.

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