Top 10 Surprising Ways Of Using VPS Hosting

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Why Use VPS Web Hosting

Surprising Ways to use VPS. VPS is not a new term for a blogger or web developer. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. There are many other web hosting servers, like shared hosting, cloud hosting. But if you are a small blogger and want your website to grow, then you must try VPS hosting.

What is VPS?

A VPS hosting is a premium web server, which has its operating system with dedicated server resources. Choosing a VPS web hosting plan is better than any other web hosting service.

As the name suggests, VPS hosting is purely virtual, but it is the most powerful and secure web hosting method. Moreover, if you are doing blogging at a lower level, a stage comes when your website traffic grows, and handling that traffic, you need VPS hosting.

You can also consider running your website in shared hosting. Check out this blog to know about the best hosting plans of ChemiCloud. VPS web hosting is most powerful not just because of high performance but also for zero downtime, better security, and dedicated resource.

Top 10 Benefits Of VPS Hosting

There are unlimited benefits of VPS, but here I give you the top 10 benefits Of VPS Hosting, which helps you to understand the importance of VPS. Let us dive into it to find out the Best VPS benefits.

VPS Resolves Shared Hosting Problem

There are many websites, which offer Cheap shared hosting services. If you are not satisfied with your website performance. You are getting regular mail from your hosting providers that your CPU is high. Your bandwidth utilization is over the threshold. Your Inode is getting full delete some file.

Now, if your blog or website has good traffic, then you should resolve this problem immediately before it affects your business. In this situation, the best solution would be to move your website to VPS web hosting because this kind of problem is not at all there in VPS web hosting.

VPS Web Hosting Simply Wow
VPS Web Hosting Simply Wow

VPS Provide High Performance

VPS hosting provides the facility of high performance and decreases the load speed of your website. You must be wondering how. The answer is a dedicated resource for your website, which includes unlimited bandwidth and CPU.

If your blog or website has a high number of visitors, then you should have VPS hosting. In the case of VPS hosting, you do not have to worry about the performance or slow loading speed of your website. VPS web hosting handles these things efficiently.

VPS Host Multiple Website And Blogs

VPS can handle multiple blogs and websites without any problem. If you manage various websites, blogs, and all of them are hosted in different shared web hosting providers, then it isn’t effortless to manage them.

You can easily migrate them all to single VPS hosting. If you are not sure how to migrate your shared hosting website to VPS web hosting, then that is fine.

A simple solution is to contact your hosting provider. Some web hosting providers do it for free. Yes, this is right, web hosting provider like ChemiCloud and TMDHosting migrates all your shared hosting websites to VPS hosting for free.

The below screenshot gives you an overall idea of ChemiCloud VPS pricing. For more detail, click here to start a conversation with their fantastic customer support.

VPS Web Hosting Provides High Security

As the name suggests, while using VPS, you get higher security. Hacking is one of the most common security issues for any website. Hackers can attack a shared hosting website quickly. In VPS hosting, it is tough for a hacker to breach security.

If your website deals with any online transaction or stores user data, then you must use VPS web hosting. VPS Hosting gives your website not only higher security but also a better user experience.

On top of it, you get DDoS protection in VPS hosting.

VPS Web Hosting Provides Unlimited Inodes

An inode is the number of files you can store in a web hosting service. In shared web hosting, you can save a limited number of data. Once you reach inode limitation, your website cannot store any more files. The scarcity of inodes can bring your site down.

Now in the case of VPS web hosting, there is no limitation on Inode. You can store an unlimited number of files. If you have a website where uses some caching plugin, then this is a common issue. A permanent solution for the inode limitation issue is to move your site to VPS web hosting.

Permanent Solution For Inode Limitation.
Permanent solution for Inode Limitation

VPS To Run Software

There are several other ways you can use a VPS. VPS is nothing, but a server or computer running remotely. You can also login to VPS, and do many things that you do on your laptop or desktop. Below are some different ways to use a VPS.

  • You can run trading software 24×7.
  • Some VPS allows running traffic exchange software like Hitleap.
  • You can run a web browser or software, which mines Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
  • If you are a developer, then you can use it for testing your script.

VPS For Game Server

We all know how much the big gaming world is. If you want to have a website that is related to online gaming. You must host your site on a VPS server. Only a dedicated VPS server can handle traffic for a gaming website.

VPS To Access Blocked Website

You can use VPS to access blocked websites. VPS is a way to access these blocked websites or software. You can purchase a VPS, whose location is a different country, and obtain a blocked site.

VPNs are also an option to access blocked websites, but why spend extra money on that.


We can use a VPS in so many ways. It’s up to us to decide a way to use VPS. Starting from simple use that is to store the data you can use to host complex webserver.

Tell us about your ways of using a VPS in our comment section.

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