How To Easily Create A Subdomain In cPanel

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You got a domain but have you wondered how to create a subdomain under the main domain? Well, in this blog, we will see how to create a subdomain in cPanel. Creating a subdomain is easy and can help you to design large websites efficiently.

But first, let us try to understand what is a subdomain?

What Is a Subdomain

A subdomain is a part of a root domain that represents a portion of your website’s topic that is somewhat different than your main topic. You can create a subdomain under the root domain but exists as a unique domain. Moreover, you can use a subdomain to create new websites instead of buying a new domain.

Why Use a Subdomain?

You can use a subdomain in many ways. Every webmaster uses a subdomain for different purposes. We will tell you the most common ways of using a subdomain.

You can create a subdomain and use it to keep different versions of a website for different devices.

For example, if you can create a desktop-friendly and a mobile-friendly website by using subdomains. Now if you have root domain you can create a subdomain called for mobile users.

Another example is you can use subdomains to host websites in different languages. For example, you can use a subdomain for the English language and for the Russian language.

Examples Of Subdomain
Examples Of Subdomain

You can also use a subdomain to launch entirely a new website. You do not have to buy a new domain for a new website. A subdomain exists as a separate entity hence you can install WordPress or any site builder to create a website on it.

How To Create a Subdomain?

A domain name and hosting service is necessary to create a subdomain. You can purchase a domain from domain providers like GoDaddy and NameCheap. The best option is to choose a hosting provider like Bluehost, TMDHosting, and ChemiCloud who provide free domain along with hosting service.

We use ChemiCloud for hosting hence we will teach how to create a subdomain in Chemicloud cPanel.

Step 1. Login To cPanel

Most of the hosting provider gives cPanel access. Creating a subdomain in cPanel is easy. You can log in to cPanel from your Hosting provider’s account Dashboard.

Step 2. Under Domain Click Subdomain

Once you log in to cPanel search for a section called Domain. Under Domain click on Subdomain.

Click On Domain To Create a Subdomain
Click On Domain To Create a Subdomain

Step 3. Type Subdomain Name and Click Create

Once you click on the subdomain you need to fill three pieces of information. First, type a subdomain name in our case its mobile.

Second, from the drop-down select a domain under which you want to create the subdomain. We have used our own domain name

Now click on the create button to complete the subdomain creation process.

How To Create A Subdomain In cPanel
How To Create A Subdomain In cPanel

You should see a successful message saying that Subdomain is created.

We also have a YouTube video for this post.

YouTube Video On How To Create A Subdomain In cPanel

Creating Subdomain In WordPress

Most of the beginner believes that they can create subdomains in WordPress. Actually, you can not create a subdomain in WordPress rather you can install WordPress in a Subdomain.

You can easily install WordPress in a subdomain. In one of our post, we explained how to install WordPress in the root Domain. You need to follow the same steps to install WordPress in a subdomain as well.

FAQ On Subdomain

In this section, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions on Subdomain. If you have different questions then feel free to post it in the comment section.

How many subdomains I can create?

You can create unlimited subdomains if your hosting providers allow it. Some hosting company allows you to create a limited number of subdomains. Web Hosting companies like Bluehost, Chemicloud, and Siteground allows creating unlimited subdomains.

Are Subdomains good or bad for SEO?

Subdomain does not give any SEO value to your existing website because every search engine treats it as a separate website. You need to do SEO again for your subdomain. However, you can easily improve your subdomain SEO by using some techniques.

You can use a high competition keyword as your subdomain name. It would be easier to rank a website having a high competition keyword as a subdomain. Moreover, if your main domain already has a great ranking then it may help to rank your subdomain faster.

Does Google treat a subdomain as a different website?

Yes, Google treats a subdomain as a different website. Not only Google search engines like Bing, Yandex, and Baidu also treats subdomains as separate websites.

Can I create a subdomain under subdomain?

Yes, you can create a subdomain under a subdomain. For example, you can create a subdomain However, you can not create a subdomain of more than 25 characters.

How To Create Subdomain In GoDaddy?

Creating a subdomain in GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, and Siteground is easy as all provide cPanel access. You need to follow the below steps to create it.

  • Step 1. Login In cPanel.
  • Step 2. Go To Domain Section
  • Step 3. Click on Subdomain
  • Step 4. Type your subdomain name.
  • Step 5. Select the main domain
  • Step 6. Click on create.
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