ChemiCloud Coupon Code July 2020 + Free Domain

ChemiCloud web hosting is one of the best web hosting providers. A free domain name, 50% discount and, Chemicloud coupon code make them an best hosting provider. We will discuss all these points in the coming section.

Web hosting is a service that allows you to store files, web pages, images and databases that you need to run a website. Web hosting also provides computing resources such as CPU, RAM and IP addresses which are also required to run a website.

There are many hosting providers like Siteground, Bluehost, Namecheap, and GoDaddy. ChemiCloud is a rising star in the web hosting field. In this blog, we will see step by step process to buy a web hosting service from ChemiCloud with 20% discount.

Cheapest ChemiCloud Web Hosting

If you are a new blogger and want to run a website but your budget is low. In this case ChemiCloud, web hosting is the best option.

If you buy a hosting service from ChemiCloud you will save a lot of money. It gives a coupon code for a discount and a lot of free services. We will take about free services and coupon code for Chemicloud in the coming section.

ChemiCloud Shared Web Hosting Plan

Step 1. Review ChemiCloud Web Hosting Plan.

Click the above button to visit the home page of ChemiCloud. Now find a link which says Web Hosting. Click on it and you will see all the plans to buy a shared hosting service.

Cheapest Web Hosting Chemicloud
Cheapest Web Hosting Chemicloud

ChemiCloud has three packages under Shared web hosting.

1) Web Hosting Starter
2) Web Hosting Pro
3) Web Hosting Turbo

Now you need to choose a hosting package to start. You’ll find amazing features in starter package but if you choose Pro or Turbo Package you will get premium options.

How To Purchase the ChemiCloud Web Hosting

For beginners, the starter package is best. When your website grows you can always upgrade to Pro or Turbo Package. You can click on Order Now. You will find three options to select the first that is “register a new domain”.

Step 2. Register Free Domain ChemiCloud Web Hosting

ChemiCloud Stater plan provides you a free domain for one year. Hence click on Register a new domain. You can get a free domain for a lifetime in Pro and Turbo Plans.

Chemicloud Web Hosting with free domain for life time.
Chemicloud Web Hosting with a free domain for a lifetime.

Now type a domain name in the search bar and click to know its availability. You can choose a domain name extension from popular extensions like .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name,,, .eu and .in.

If the domain name is available it will take you to the next page where you will see domain price. Just ignore domain price and click on continue as all hosting package of ChemiCloud includes a free domain.

Now a new window will show which includes an order summary. The order summary will show you 106$ but we will bring it down. Scroll down and you can find two billing cycles. One is for 3 years and the other is for 2 years.

Cheapest Chemicloud Web Hosting Service with Free Domain
Cheapest Chemicloud Web Hosting Service with Free Domain

Select 2 years plan which costs 94$. It means you will get two years of hosting service with just 94$ with a free domain name. Not bad but not good enough. Now we will decrease the price more with a coupon code.

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Cheap Chemicloud Web Hosting With Discount

Step 3. Select Server Location

Now you need to select a server location. You can select any location but it good to select your nearest location. If you are in the USA then select New York. If your location is in Asia then select Singapore.

Server Location for ChemiCloud Web Hosting
Server Location for ChemiCloud Web Hosting

Now rest of the thing you can keep it as it is and click on continue. On the next page as well you can click continue.

Step 4. ChemiCloud Coupon Code of March 2020

We have a pre-applied coupon code available for ChemiCloud. Instead of Coupon code, they are offering a 50% discount on all services.

Now the time has come to use the Chemicloud coupon code for a discount. The Chemicloud coupon code gives you a 20% discount on your first purchase. Under the promotion, you will find a box type Chemicloud coupon code HOSTADVICE20 and click on validate.

If the coupon code does not work do not worry you can still get a 50% discount by using the below link.

im vlcsnap 2019 07 07 20h48m51s47

Now the price is 74$ instead of 94$ which is amazing. So we are getting a ChemiCloud web hosting service of 2 years with a free domain. All package of Chemicloud web hosting plans includes 45 days of a money-back guarantee. We are also getting below free services from ChemiCloud.

  • Free Domain Transfer
  • Free Website Transfer
  • They Also Provide a Free SSL certificate.
  • Free Daily Backup
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 50% discount on first purchase
ChemiCloud Coupon Code For Huge Discount
ChemiCloud Coupon Code For Huge Discount

Step 4. Payment To Buy Chemicloud Web Hosting

Now final step to purchase Chemicloud hosting is to fill payment details. You need to fill your personal information and payment method. You can do the payment via PayPal, credit card or debit card.

Cheapest Web Hosting Chemicloud
Cheapest Web Hosting Chemicloud

Do not forget to click on “I have read the terms and conditions” option.  After that, you can click on checkout and now you will see a window with the message “Order Placed”. We have completed the purchase process. Now click on Continue to Client Area to Proceed Further.

Cheapest Web Hosting Chemicloud
Cheapest Web Hosting Chemicloud

You can see your dashboard now. You will see the plan that you have purchased. If you want to manage it you can click on “Manage Product”.

Cheapest Web Hosting Chemicloud
Cheapest Web Hosting Chemicloud

After clicking on “Manage Product” you will see options for CPanel and Webmail.

Cheapest Web Hosting Provider Chemicloud
Cheapest Web Hosting Chemicloud

Conclusion On Chemicloud Web Hosting

Now all of us will agree that Chemicloud web hosting is the cheapest hosting provider. Price is very low for 2 years of hosting service. It also provides a free domain name for a lifetime.

Chemicloud offers free services like domain and website transfer. Other hosting provider charge money for these services

In the next blog, we will see how we can install WordPress from ChemiCloud cPanel.

This post contains affiliate links. We may get some share if you click the links and purchase products. This helps us to manage this blog.

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Do you have an updated code as unfortunately when I tried this one (August 2019) it said “The promotion code entered has expired”?


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