TMDHosting vs SiteGround Review 2020 Shocking But True Results

Choosing a web hosting is confusing but choosing it from two best hosting providers is super complex. TMDHosting and SiteGround are the top web hosting provider and choosing the best among them was a tough task for me. However, after a thorough analysis of TMDHosting vs Siteground, I finally got the winner.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround Reviews
TMDHosting vs SiteGround Reviews

Earlier I was unable to decide what factors to select for TMDHosting vs SiteGround reviews. But later, I asked myself a question, what are the things that make a hosting provider reliable and trustworthy. Well, there are a lot of factors so I decided to make a list of those factors and do a comparison between Siteground and TMDHosting.

In this post, I will tell you all those factors and which hosting company is good at those factors. Now, If you want to know more about them separately than you can read the post on SiteGround and TMDHosting Reviews.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround Who Is Popular?

The first thing that came to my mind is which hosting is popular? To me, it is SiteGround because the internet is full of promotions and reviews on it. But to have a fair result we need further proof. Hence, Google Trends is the best platform to check the popularity of both hosting providers.

As per Google Trends SiteGround is way popular than TMDHosting. Below is the live worldwide data for over 5 years and it clearly says that SiteGround is popular than TMDHosting.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround Google Trends Popularity
TMDHosting vs SiteGround Google Trends Popularity

So in the case of popularity SiteGround is the winner. Now, only popularity is not enough to decide the best hosting provider. Next, we will compare the hosting price.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround Price Which Is Cheaper?

Price is a major deciding factor to choose a hosting provider. TMDHosting and SiteGround provide various types of hosting services. To decide the cheapest let us compare the price of all types of hosting services.

TMDHosting PriceSiteGround Price
Shared Hosting$2.95$3.95
WordPress Hosting$2.95$3.95
Cloud Hosting$5.95$80
VPS Hosting$19.97NA
Reseller Hosting$19.95$42
View DetailsView Details

As you can see TMDHosting price is lower than the SiteGround. TMDHosting Shared Hosting price starts at $2.95 per month but the Siteground price is $3.95 per month. Both TMDHosting and SiteGround has the same price for WordPress hosting.

While TMDHosting offers cloud hosting at $5.95 per month, SiteGround price starts at $80 per month. I believe TMDHosting provides shared cloud hosting as the price is much lower than dedicated cloud hosting.

I use TMDHosting’s cloud hosting for an adult niche site that has 5000 page views per day. I have been using it for more than two years and I have never faced any kind of issue.

In addition to low price, TMDHosting offers free domain registration and custom coupon code that gives a 5% discount. SiteGround does not offer any coupon code or free domain registration.

So it is clear that TMDHosting is cheaper than SiteGround because not only the price is low but also it offers free domain registration and coupon code for extra discounts.

Now in the next section of TMDHosting vs SiteGround review, we will compare the essential features and see which hosting company is better.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround Essential Features

Now let’s see who provides better essential features such as SSD space, Bandwidth, SSL certificate, ability to handle the traffic. I noticed that different types of hosting have different essential features. Hence, I will compare the features of the most popular hosting type that is Shared hosting.

Below is the summary of TMDHosting vs SiteGround essential features review.

  • TMDHosting

  • $2.95month

  • Unlimited
    SSD Space
  • Unlimited
    Monthly Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited
    Monthly Traffic
  • 60 Days
    Money Back Guarantee
  • SiteGround

  • $3.95month

  • 10 GB
    SSD Space
  • Unmetered
    Monthly Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name
  • 10,000
    Monthly Traffic
  • 30 Days
    Money Back Guarantee

TMDHosting and SiteGround starter plan allow you to host only one website. But you can always switch to higher plans for unlimited hosting.

A key feature that makes TMDHosting better than SiteGround is the availability of free domain registration. TMDHosting offers free domain registration while SiteGround does not offer any free domain registration.

Both TMDHosting and SiteGround give SSD storage. TMDHosting gives unlimited SSD Space while SiteGround gives only 10 GB. TMDHosting gives unlimited space for hosting files such as PHP, HTML.

However, for media files like images and videos, there is a limitation in Inodes.While SiteGround has 1,50,000 inode limitation, TMDHosting has 1,40,000 inodes.

A good thing about both web hosting is that they provide a free SSL certificate.

SiteGround is transparent in some features like the ability to handling web traffic. As per SiteGround, the starter plan can handle only 10,000 visitors per month but TMDHosting says that they can handle unlimited traffic unless it impacts global performance. Now you can always upgrade to a higher plan once your web traffic increases.

Now as far as TMDHosting vs SiteGround essential features in concern, I believe TMDHosting is the winner. The main reason for this is that TMDHosting has unlimited features and free domain registration.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround Review Which Is Faster?

I like a faster website that loads within seconds. I am sure most of your visitors will like your website if it is faster. Hence, it was important for me to find which is faster TMDHosting or SiteGround?

SiteGround vs TMDHosting Which Is Faster Hosting?
SiteGround vs TMDHosting Which Is Faster Hosting?

So to do the TMDHosting vs SiteGround Speed review, I selected websites that are using SiteGround and TMDHosting. I have tested these website’s page loading speed on GTMetrix, Pingdom and Google Page Speed Insight.

Along with the page loading speed, I have been monitoring server response time as well on Bitcaptcha. These test results gave me a fair winner of TMDHosting vs SiteGround speed review.

PoolCertify is using SiteGround Grow Big plan and Nikkidesignerfabric is using TMDHosting. I have selected these websites from HostAdvice. If these websites are with different hosting now, then let me know in the comment section and I will update the post.

Below is the results of the page loading speed of SiteGround and TMDHosting.

SiteGround Page Loading SpeedTMDHosting Page Loading Speed
Google Speed Score7579
Visit SiteGroundVisit TMDHosting

My testing on SiteGround vs TMDHosting page loading speed revealed that TMDHosting has better page loading speed. I was surprised to see the result but I continue to test server response time.

Both Hosting providers got A+ on BitCatcha testing. However, the server response time has differences that again surprised me.

TMDHosting Server Response Time

TMDHosting server response time is less than 100ms in 5 countries out of 10. Now, let me tell you how SiteGround performed.

SiteGround Server Response Time

SiteGround server response time less than 100ms in just 3 countries out of 10. It means SiteGround gives faster hosting in less number of countries than TMDHosting.

Hence, TMDHosting is faster than SiteGround because both page loading speed and server response time are much better than SiteGround.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround Uptime Review

Uptime is crucial for every website. If your website is down even for a few minutes, it not only affects your visitor but also your revenue. Back in days, one of my eCommerce websites was down for 3 hours. As a result of which I lost around $400. Since then I always prefer hosting that is always up.

TMDHosting and SiteGround both claim that they have an uptime rate of 99.99%. However, I have been monitoring the uptime rate of both for the past year.

Below is the result of TMDHosting vs SitGround uptime rate on Pingdom for the past 12 months.

TMDHosting Up Time RateSiteGround Up Time Rate
January 2020100%100%
December 201999.97% 100%
November 201999.80% 100%
October 2019 100% 100%
September 2019 99.50% 99.99%
August 2019 99.70%99.99%
July 2019 99.79% 99.98%
June 2019 99.80%99.98%
May 2019 99.94% 99.98%
April 2019 99.78% 100%
March 2019 99.78% 99.98%
February 2019 99.76%100%
January 201999.58% 99.99%
Visit Real Stats Visit Real Stats

So in the case of uptime SiteGround has a better uptime rate than TMDHosting. SiteGround has an average uptime rate of 99.99% but TMDHosting has an average uptime rate of 99.94%.

Tough uptime rate of SiteGround and TMDHosting is close but the winner is SiteGround.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround Customer Support

Sometimes I do mistakes that crash my site and recovery of websites looks impossible. Well, this scenario is common for beginners and good customer support can be a lifesaver.

Both TMDHosting and SiteGround has excellent customer support staff who are available 24×7. You can reach them via chat, phone or email for quick help. Both hosting providers give quality chat support where you get a dedicated support staff to resolve your issues.

I always got excellent customer support services from both hosting companies. Hence, the result of SiteGround vs TMDHosting Customer Support review is a tie.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround User Reviews

It’s always better to take a second opinion on hosting companies. Well, the best places to take opinions are hosting forums and review websites. In these websites, we can get the comments and ratings of real users who have used these hosting companies.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround User Reviews On HostAdvice

HostAdvice is a popular and authority hosting review website. Thousands of users shares reviews on various hosting companies. Even I use this platform to give and read reviews on hosting companies.

SiteGround User Reviews On HostAdvice
SiteGround User Reviews On HostAdvice
TMDHosting User Reviews On HostAdvice
TMDHosting User Reviews On HostAdvice

On HostAdvice SiteGround has 2213 user reviews while TMDHosting has 390.

Both SiteGround and TMDHosting has an excellent user rating on HostAdvice. SiteGround has a user rating of 9.7 while TMDHosting has 9. Hence, as per HostAdvice SiteGround is better than TMDHosting.

SitGround vs TMDHosting Reddit

Reddit is the most popular forum website where millions of users share their experience on various topics. I read a lot of hosting subreddit for SiteGround vs TMDHosting reviews. Even I started a discussion as well to know user reviews on TMDHosting and SiteGround.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround Reddit

On Reddit, I could not find many TMDHosting reviews but it has a lot of SiteGround Reviews. As per my observation, SiteGround has a number of positive reviews than TMDHosting on Reddit.

Hence, the winner for TMDHosting vs SitGround Reddit reviews is SiteGround.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot has a lot of reviews on both SiteGround and TMDHosting. Siteground has more than 3550 user reviews on Trustpilot while TMDHosting has 426 user reviews.

94% of the user has given excellent reviews for SiteGround and TMDHosting has 89% of positive reviews.

SiteGround Reviews Trustpilot
TMDHosting Reviews Trustpilot

You can easily conclude here that most of the users prefer SiteGround over TMDHosting.

So after analyzing three different platforms, it was clear to me that the winner of TMDHosting vs SiteGround user reviews is SiteGround.

TMDHosting vs SiteGround Who Is The Winner?

Now its time to declare the winner. I have compared both hosting companies in 5 different characters. Let’s look at the summary table and decide which is better TMDHosting or SiteGround.

Essential FeaturesWinner
Customer SupportTieTie
User ReviewsWinner
View DetailsView Details

Well, it’s a tie situation here. Out of 6 factors, SiteGround is the winner in 3 factors and TMDHosting is the Winner in 3. Now, you need to decide which factors are important for you and who is giving better services. In the next section, I will tell you which hosting I prefer.

Do I Recommend TMDHosting or Siteground?

Yes, I recommend both hosting companies. Both TMDHosting and SiteGround have merits and demerits but both give reliable, fast, and excellent hosting services.

I have used both TMDHosting and SiteGround but as TMDHosting gives free domain and unlimited feature so I prefer TMDHosting.

Let me know in the comment section which hosting you prefer and why?

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