HostArmada vs Bluehost A Shocking Winner

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HostArmada vs BlueHost review! I know it may sound unfair because BlueHost is way popular, and HostArmada is a new hosting provider.

No, doubt BlueHost is popular, but many HostArmada reviews claim that it has better features and price then BlueHost.

At the end of this HostArmada vs BlueHost review, you can decide the best of two.

I would be comparing their features, hosting cost, uptime, speed and customer support to understand which of these hosting solutions offer the best value for the money.

Let’s get started.

HostArmada and BlueHost OverViews

Both hosting companies are great, as an individual service provider. Hence, before I start the comparison, let’s take an overall view of both hosting companies.

Overview of HostArmada

HostArmada is a pretty much new hosting provider, founded in 2019. Being a new player in the market, HostArmada has a lot of offers, which makes it a reliable and cost-effective hosting company.

HostAramda is a hosting solution that offers WordPress, SSD Cloud, and Dedicated hosting solutions to users.

Its hosting cost is one of the lowest around the globe, mainly because it offers SSD cloud shared hosting. These cloud servers ensure that website gets enough speed and low response time to run a stable business.

The best part about HostArmada is that it is offering cloud hosting cheaper than the price of shared hosting. More affordable but quality cloud hosting makes it a great hosting solution for beginners.

Basic cloud hosting package prices of HostArmada start from $2.29 per month with a renewal cost of $7.99.

You can avail of the limited offer of getting it at $1.2 per month including lifetime free domain name.

An Overview of Bluehost

BlueHost is a reputed hosting provider for more than a decade. Over the year it has emerged as a best shared hosting company. Even, it is highly recommended by since 2005.

BlueHost promotional offer starts at $3.95 per month. You can renew BlueHost’s services with a renewal rate of $7.99 per month.

SSL certificates are important for all web sites. Hence, in addition to its cheap hosting, Bluehost offers free domain name for one year, free SSL, and unmetered bandwidth.

If you are someone who is just starting a new website then, Bluehost would be a great option to begin.

HostArmada vs BlueHost Price Comparison

To decide the winner of HostArmada vs BlueHost price comparison, I have considered both promotional and renewal costs.

HostArmada gives its starter hosting package at $2.99 per month for yearly, biennially, and triennially plans. Once the initial contract is over, you need to pay its regular price $7.99 per month as renewal price.

On the other hand, BlueHost offers it starter package at $3.95 per month for yearly, biennially, and triennially plans. BlueHost has the same renewal price as of HostArmada that $7.99 per month.

Hence, if you want a cheap shared hosting, than HostArmada should be your choice.

Moreover, HostArmada has an ongoing promotional offer, which gives you hosting at $1.2 per month.

In addition to Shared Hosting, both hosting providers give VPS and Dedicated hosting.

HostArmada vs BlueHost PriceHostArmadaBlueHost
Promo LinkPromo Link

We can conclude that HostArmada is cheaper for Shared Hosting and BlueHost is cheaper when it comes to VPS and Dedicated hosting.

HostArmada vs BlueHost Feature Comparison

HostArmada vs BlueHost ReviewsHostArmadaBlueHost
Free DomainYesYes
SSD Storage15GB50GB
Free SSLYesYes
Money-Back Guaranty45 Days30 Days
Free Website TransferYesYes
Free Domain TransferYesYes
View DetailsView Details

Now let’s look at the features that both hosting solutions, Hostarmada and Bluehost, have to offer to their users.

Both BlueHost and HostArmada gives free domain name. With BlueHost, the free domain name is for only one year, but HostArmada offers a lifetime free domain name.

SSD storage is an essential part of fast hosting, and both hosting companies provide it. While HostArmada gives 15 GB of cloud SSD storage, BlueHost offers 50 GB of SSD storage.

Free SSL certificates are included in both hosting companies plans.

When it comes to backup, both hosting companies provide it for free. However, with HostArmada, you get seven automated daily backups, while BlueHost keeps one backup daily.

Free website transfer is another feature that differentiates HostArmada and BlueHost. While HostArmada offers both website and domain transfer for free, BlueHost has a one-time cost of $149 for migrating up to 5 websites.

The advantage of migrating to HostArmada is that they are going to renew your domain as long as you have an active hosting account with them.

In case you do not like their services, both hosting companies offer money-back guaranty. HostArmada gives 45 days of money back guaranty and BlueHost has 30 days of money back guaranty.

In short, BlueHost is popular, but HostArmada is giving offering better features at a low hosting cost. Hence, when it comes to hosting features, the winner of HostArmada vs BlueHost features comparison is HostArmada.

HostArmada vs BlueHost Performance Comparison

Both hosting companies provide a robust platform that gives better performance. However, to find the better one, let’s do an in-depth performance comparison.

Unlike HostArmada, BlueHost does not have detailed information about the technologies that they use to improve performance.

Both HostArmada and BlueHost have a tie-up with CloudFlare to provide free CDN. However, the speed reaper plans of HostArmada supports the LiteSpeed webserver.

Hence, you have the option to configure QUIC cloud CDN, which is much better than CloudFlare’s free version CDN. Moreover, with the LiteSpeed web server, you get a free caching plugin called LiteSpeed cache.

LiteSpeed caching plugin drastically reduces your page loading speed up to 2ms.

HostArmada vs BlueHost Performance Reviews
HostArmada Page Loading Speed With LiteSpeed Cache

HostArmada vs BlueHost Uptime Reviews

Uptime rate is a crucial factor for choosing a hosting company.

While BlueHost has an uptime rate of 99.99%, HostArmada has maintained a rate of 100% uptime rate.

HostArmada vs BlueHost User Reviews

It’s essential to consider user reviews to decide the best hosting company among BlueHost and HostArmada.

The most genuine web hosting reviews platform is HostAdvice.

HostArmada Reviews HostAdvice
BlueHost User Reviews HostAdvice

In comparison to BlueHost, HostArmada has less number of reviews on HostAdvice. However, all of them are positive reviews, but in the case of BlueHost, many negative reviews indicate that users are not happy with their services.

HostArmada vs BlueHost Affiliate Program Reviews

Both hosting providers offer excellent incentives to affiliate marketers. You can sign up for free and promote their services.

The Bluehost affiliate program is way popular than HostArmada. Many bloggers are promoting Bluehost and earning more $1000 per month. However, HostArmada hosting features can easily attract customers.

HostArmada uses a popular affiliate tracking software called Post Affiliate Pro to manage its affiliate programs. On the other hand, BlueHost has its proprioratory affiliate system.

The advantage of joining the HostArmada affiliate program is that you get commission under a two-tier web hosting affiliate program.

With the Bluehost affiliate program, you can get a commission of $65 per sale, while with HostArmada, you can earn $50 per sale. However, HostArmada pays different amounts for different hosting plans.

For example, you can earn $75 for a sale of VPS hosting and $100 for dedicated hosting.

HostArmada Affiliate Commission Structure
HostArmada Affiliate Commission Structure

Check out the list of best recurring web hosting affiliate programs.

HostArmada vs BlueHost Support Comparison

HostArmada offers web hosting support through live chat, email, tickets, social media, and even telephone calls.

It has only a few reviews on most websites, and all of them are positive. So, we can’t say with surety about what you should expect in terms of support from Hostarmada. However, the existing users are happy with them.

On the other hand, we can say that BlueHost offers complete 24/7/365 support for its users. They claim to have less than 10-minute first response time.

Bluehost also offers support through live chat, email, tickets, social media, and even telephone calls. There are mixed reviews about the quality of support of Bluehost on most review websites.

Just like Hostarmada, Bluehost also offers 24/7/365 support to its users.

Verdict: Hostarmada or Bluehost?

HostArmada vs BlueHost, which one we recommend?

Well, if you do not trust a new hosting provider, then BlueHost is our top recommendation.

If you are looking for cheap but quality hosting with a lot of free features, then HostArmada is best for you.

Moreover, if you are looking for a cloud hosting solution that is fast and offers quality performance than choosing Hostarmada will be your best bet.

If you are looking for a shared hosting solution from a reputable hosting provider, then you should opt for Bluehost instead.

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