TMDHosting Review 2020 Excellent Features But Less Famous

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We are writing this TMDHosting review because we are using it for more than two years. TMD Hosting is one of the top hosting providers that we use for hosting websites. So far, we found it to be one of the cheapest and fastest web hosting companies.

TMDHosting’s web hosting service is giving healthy competition to hosting providers like SiteGround. Read our post on TMDHosting vs. SiteGround reviews.

TMDHosting price starts at just $2.95 per month that includes an on sale discount of 40%. Moreover, their renewal price is as low as $4.95, which further reduces TMDHosting costs.

On top of it, you can get an extra 5% discount using the TMDHosting Coupon Code.

In addition to low prices, TMDHosting offers lifetime free domain and free website transfer. They even provide free premium support to all its customers.

Security is essential and costly for websites. However, TMD Hosting offers free SSL certificate, DDoS Protection, and live malware protection to enhance web security.

To get higher security, instead of free SSL, you must consider using premium SSL certificates.

Additionally, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. In case you do not like TMD Hosting services, you can get a full refund, no question asked.

They have the highest uptime rate of 99.999% along with server response time 7ms to 257ms. High uptime and faster response time make TMDHosting a stable hosting provider.

Recently we migrated one of our websites from Siteground to TMDHosting, and we found it be surprisingly fast. We were using Siteground Shared Hosting for one of our auto blogging websites. We were facing frequent CPU usage and inodes threshold issues.

After we moved to TMDHostings’ cloud hosting, both CPU usage and inode limitation issues got resolved.

TMDHosting Review Hosting Plans

We understand that for a beginner, it is challenging to select suitable web hosting services and plans. Hence we have analyzed all TMDHosting programs and their features and summarized them in the below table.

TMDHosting offers six types of hosting solutions. In addition to popular hosting types like Shared, WordPress, and VPS, they offer Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Above all, they have Reseller Hosting for starting hosting business at a reasonable price.

  • Shared Hosting

  • $2.95month

  • Unlimited
    SSD Space
  • Unlimited
  • Free Domain Name
  • DDoS Protection
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free SSL
  • 60 Days
    Refund Policy
  • Cloud Hosting

  • $5.95month

  • Unlimited
    SSD Space
  • Unlimited
  • Free Domain Name
  • DDoS Protection
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free SSL
  • 60 Days
    Refund Policy
  • VPS Hosting

  • $19.97month

  • 40GB
    SSD Space
  • 3TB
  • Free Domain Name
  • DDoS Protection
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free SSL
  • 30 Days
    Refund Policy
  • Dedicated Server

  • $79.97month

  • 1TB
    SSD Space
  • Unlimited
  • Free Domain Name
  • DDoS Protection
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free SSL
  • 30 Days
    Refund Policy

TMDHosting Features

TMDHosting offers many unique features that make it superior to its competitors like Siteground, A2 Hosting, and Bluehost. It provides high speed, high uptime, 24x7x365 customer support.

Above all, cheap hosting plans, lifetime free domain, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and SSD storage make TMDHosting an affordable hosting solution.

Lifetime Free Domain

Unlike many hosting providers, TMDHosting offers a lifetime free domain in all its plans. You can use the free domain name as long as you have an active hosting account with them.

Usually, a domain name costs you around $10 to $12 per year. You can save that amount with TMDHosting.

Highest Uptime Guarantee

The uptime rate of a hosting provider is the most crucial factor that decides its reliability. TMDHosting gives an uptime guarantee of 99.999%. To verify it, we have installed a plugin to monitor its uptime rate for one year. We are getting an excellent uptime rate.

YearUptime Rate
Mar 202099.94%
Feb 2020100%
Jan 202099.96%
Dec 201999.90%
Nov 201999.92%
Oct 201999.93%
Sep 201999.97%
August 2019100%
July 201999.98%
Jun 2019100%
May 201998.99%

Blazing Website Speed

TMDHosting uses cutting-edge technology to provide a blazing speed and excellent page loading speed. It has SSD storage space that gives the best response time from the disk level.

For higher page loading speed, TMDHosting equips with three-layer of caching features such as APC, OPCache, and Varnish. On top of it, the TMDHosting server has powerful DDR4 RAM that gives additional performance benefits.

Along with our website, we have analyzed a few other sites, which are using TMDHosting. We have been monitoring their server response time for a month, and the results are always outstanding.

TMDHosting Reviews Server Response Time
TMDHosting Review Server Response Time

Excellent Page Loading Speed

Along with server response time, page loading speed is essential for better website performance. TMDHosting uses the LiteSpeed webserver that is faster than Apache and capable of managing thousands of parallel clients.

Using the LiteSpeed webserver gives the advantage of using the LiteSpeed cache plugin. LiteSpeed cache plugins provide many optimization options, along with free CDN.

We have been monitoring the page loading speed on GT Metrix. We always get an outstanding result of less than 2.1s.

You can check out the dedicated blog post on website speed optimization.

TMDHosting Review Page Loading Speed On GTMetrix
TMDHosting Review Page Loading Speed On GTMetrix

Open Source Hosting

Our TMDHosting assessment shows that TMDHosting is the best platform to create a website with open-source software.

You can easily create a blog with the help of a famous site builder like WordPress, Grav, ClassicPress, and B2Evolution. TMDHhosting supports CMS hosting and provides Joomla, Drupal, and Concrete5.

Creating an eCommerce website is secure in TMDHosting. It provides popular eCommerce builders such as PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, and x-Cart.

TMDHosting e-Commerce Services
TMDHosting e-Commerce Services

Unlimited SSD Storage

TMDHosting gives you unlimited SSD storage space in all hosting plans. Note that the storage is unlimited for hosting files such as PHP and HTML. However, for media files like images and videos, there is a limit in Inodes.

To overcome the inode limitation, they offer Cloud and VPS hosting that allows unlimited Inodes.

Advanced Security Features

While using TMDHosting, we did an in-depth analysis of its security features. They use advanced security features that include free SSL certificate and web-based firewall to guard online threats.

The most dangerous security threat for any website is a DDoS attack. It can affect a secure site in minutes. Their operating system and server include security measures that protect sites from DDoS attacks.

TMDHosting Customer Service

You must choose a hosting that provides quality customer services. You may face hosting related issues while building websites. Choosing a hosting that gives a quality tech support team can help you to resolve these issues quickly.

TMDHosting customer support team is knowledgeable and available for 24x7x365 to answer your queries.

You can even start a live chat with customer support without registration. When you visit their website, a live chat window appears, and you can start a conversation with the support team.

TMDHosting, we faced many technical issues. We always open a support ticket, and within 15 minutes, a support agent connected with solving our problems. We are very much impressed by their customer services.

60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

TMDHosting offers 60 days of a money-back guarantee with no question asked.

TMDHosting refund policy gives an excellent opportunity to webmasters to test their hosting services for 60 days. If their hosting plan suits your needs, then you can continue else within 60 days you can get your money back.

TMDHosting Coupon Code Dec 2019

TMDHosting gives coupon code that offers an additional 5% discount. A unique coupon code is applicable for all hosting plans. You have to use this on the checkout page.

Just click on the below button and get the coupon code that offers a 5% discount.

[spbcta_sc id=2]

If you like videos, then you can watch below the YouTube video on TMDHosting Review.

TMDHosting YouTube Video Review

Pros and Cons Of TMDHosting

Like every hosting provider, TMDHosting has some pros and cons. During our TMDHosting review, we found that it has several pros than cons. Let us discuss these TMDHosting pros and cons.

Pros Of TMDHosting

  • TMDHosting price is lower than most of its competitors.
  • It gives a free lifetime domain.
  • TMDHosting provides free DDoS Protection.
  • Unlimited SSD Storage and bandwidth.
  • 60 Days of Money Back Guarantee, no question asked.
  • They offer an extra discount with coupon code.

Cons Of TMDHosting

  • Inode limitation on Shared Hosting.
  • Domain ID protection is available at $11.99.

TMDHosting Shared Hosting Reviews

Shared hosting is a popular and cheap hosting solution among new webmasters. However, you must host a low traffic website, as multiple sites use the same resources.

You should choose Shared Hosting if you have a low budget and expecting a moderate amount of traffic. Above all, if your website content needs a small amount of storage Shared Hosting is a better choice.

TMDHosting Shared Hosting Plans And Price
TMDHosting Shared Hosting Plans And Price

TMDHosting provides three types of Shared hosting plans Starter, Business, and Professional. The cheapest shared hosting plan is the Starter that starts at $2.95 per month.

Business and Professional programs are also less expensive than their competitors. A business plan starts at $4.95 and a Professional plan at $7.95 per month.

Shared Hosting PlanStarterBusinessEnterprise
No. Of Website1Unlimited Unlimited
SSLLets Encrypt SSLStandardWildcard
SitebuilderFree Weebly Site Builder Free Weebly Site Builder Free Weebly Site Builder
CachingBasic128MB Memcache 256MB Memcache
Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Refund Policy60 Days60 Days60 Days

In addition to a low price, all hosting plans offer unlimited SSD space and bandwidth. Above all, you will get a free lifetime domain in all shared hosting plans of TMDHosting.

All shared hosting plans offer a free SSL certificate and premium support. You will get free cPanel access for hosting management.

In addition to WordPress’s one-click installation, you will get a free Weebly Website builder.

The starter plan allows you to host only one website, but with business and enterprise plans, you can host unlimited websites.

The starter plan offers basic caching. The Business plan gives 128MB of Memcache instance while Enterprise plan gives 256MB Memcache.

All shared hosting plan offers unlimited space and bandwidth. However, there is a limitation on the number of files, which is also known as inodes.

The Starter Plan comes with a 1,40,000 INODES limit. The Business Plan comes with 2,10,000 and the Enterprise Plan 4,20,000 inode limitation.

TMDHosting Cloud Hosting Reviews

If Shared hosting is not fulfilling your website needs, then cloud hosting would be the next excellent solution. Cloud hosting can skyrocket your website performance and security.

TMDHosting offers fully managed cloud hosting solutions. It means you do not have to do complex and technical tasks. You will get a simple web interface for creating and managing websites on the cloud.

Cloud Hosting is a better alternative to shared hosting. In shared hosting, many websites use the same resources, while Cloud hosting provides dedicated resources.

In addition to dedicated resources, cloud hosting provides unlimited storage and inodes. Above all, cloud hosting gives 4x power and speed to websites than shared hosting.

TMDHosting Cloud Hosting Plans And Price
TMDHosting Cloud Hosting Plans And Price

We understand that choosing the best cloud hosting plan is overwhelming. Hence, we have summarized all the essential features in the below table.

Cloud Hosting PlansStarterBusinessEnterprise
No. Of Website1Unlimited Unlimited
CPU Cores246
SSLLets Encrypt SSLStandardWildcard
CachingBasic Memcache instance 128MB Memcache instance 256MB
Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Refund Policy60 Days60 Days60 Days

All cloud hosting plans of TMDHosting include free SSL, free domain name, unlimited inodes, free cPanel, unlimited space, and bandwidth.

TMD Hosting WordPress Hosting Review

TMDHosting WordPress Hosting Review
TMDHosting Reviews WordPress Hosting

TMDHosting managed WordPress hosting comes with WordPress and all necessary plugins. These essential plugins help to boost website speed and provide protection against security threats.

Moreover, WordPress Hosting is a great and easy way of making websites. Additionally, WordPress hosting gives 30x faster page load speed.

If you are using managed WordPress hosting, then you can focus more on creating content. Most of the regular tasks, such as updating plugins and themes, are automated in WordPress hosting.

Unlike Siteground and Bluehost, TMDHosting is not in the recommended list of However, according to the PCMG survey, TMDHosting is the 2018 Editors’ Choice for WordPress Hosting.

WordPress Hosting PlanStarterBusinessEnterprise
No. Of Website1Unlimited Unlimited
SSLLets Encrypt SSLStandardWildcard
SitebuilderFree Weebly Site Builder Free Weebly Site Builder Free Weebly Site Builder
CachingBasic128MB Memcache 256MB Memcache
Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Refund Policy60 Days60 Days60 Days

TMDHosting VPS Hosting Review

VPS Hosting stands for Virtual Private Server Hosting. In VPS Hosting, you will get a private server, and you can host multiple websites on it.

VPS Hosting gives dedicated resources like CPU, Storage, and RAM. Hence the website performs 40 times better than Shared or Cloud Hosting.

TMDHosting VPS Hosting Reviews
TMDHosting VPS Hosting Reviews

You do not have to go with VPS hosting since the beginning. Once you see some growth on your website, you should move it to VPS Hosting for further growth.

During our TMDHosting analysis, we found that it gives blazing fast, highly secure, and fully redundant VPS hosting.

[wbr-pricing-table id=1429]

Usually, VPS hosting is highly secure than Shared Hosting. TMDHosting VPS gives cutting-edge security features like DDoS Protection, Free SSL, and web-based firewall protection.

TMDHosting VPS pricing is cheaper than its competitors. In addition to low price, TMDHosting offers 50% on sale discount and money-back guarantee of 30 days.

You can also select your preferred Datacenter location for your VPS while choosing your hosting. TMDHosting allows you to pick VPS from countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia.

They also have datacenter across ASIA and Europe.

TMDHosting Dedicated Server Reviews

Dedicated server hosting is the top quality hosting solutions. A dedicated server is best for a site that has a high amount of web traffic.

TMDHosting Review Dedicated Server Hosting
TMDHosting Review Dedicated Server Hosting

Usually, Dedicated server hosting is suitable for video streaming, e-commerce, and gaming websites. You can also move your site to a Dedicated server from any type of Hosting like Share, Cloud, and VPS.

TMDHosting offers free website migration. Hence, their customer support can do it for you for free.

TMDHosting dedicated servers are blazing fast, fully redundant, highly scalable, and secure. A dedicated server should be up all the time, and TMDHosting gives 99.999% of the uptime guarantee.

TMDHosting gives you private dedicated servers. It means no one shares it. You will also get daily free backup, and in case of any issue, you can restore with a single click.

You can also choose a data center for your dedicated server from seven locations. Selecting datacenter from a specific country can boost your online presence for local search.

As per our TMDHosting review Dedicated server provides both WHM and cPanel access. WHM (Web Host Manager) helps an administrator to manage a web hosting service for a dedicated server. cPanel gives access to end-user for managing websites with the help of a user-friendly web interface.

[wbr-pricing-table id=1435]

Verdict Is TMDHosting Good?

Yes, We do recommend TMD Hosting. Our TMDHosting review reveals that it is a stable and faster-hosting provider at a less high price.

As a beginner, you can choose cheaper hosting solutions like Shared, WordPress, or cloud hosting. However, for a large or high traffic website, you must select powerful hostings like VPS and Dedicated servers.

Moreover, you can also opt for Reseller Hosting for managing multiple client’s websites. Additionally, you can use Reseller hosting for starting your own hosting business.

Submit Your TMDHosting Review

You can also submit your TMDHosting review so that our reader will get a genuine opinion. We will check the reviews and publish them.

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