PropellerAds Review 2020 Best For New Website With High CPM

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You have a brand new website, and you want to monetize it to earn money. The obvious choice is the Propellerads Network, but is it good enough? Is it the best AdSense alternative with high CPM? Here is our unbiased Propellerads review that will clear all your doubts.

Every blogger wants to monetize their websites and make ad revenues. However, which advertising network is suitable for your traffic is a challenging question. Without taking a moment to think, you can try Propeller Ads Network.

If you do not have any blogs, then check our post for creating a blog that you can easily monetize.

You can monetize anything with PropellerAds. Along with blog, website, mobile app, you can even monetize your social media profiles and 404 error pages. Above all, you can also use this platform to earn ad revenue without a website using SmartLink.

What Is PropellerAds?

Propeller Ads is based initially in the UK, and it is among the most credible advertising network. It gives 100% assurance of international traffic with the highest CPM. It is suitable for both desktop and mobile traffic.

Propellerads Review Monetize New Website Today
Propellerads Review Monetize New Website Today

Read our review of the ExoClick ad network, which is a PropellerAds alternative.

How Much Can You Earn From PrpellerAds?

There are no limitations set on earning from propeller ads. Many publishers are making $100 per day from PropellerAds. As proof, you can also read an interview of Propellerads publisher Dhruv C. He is earning $30,000 Per month as Propellerads publishers.

PropellerAds Earning Proof As Publisher
PropellerAds Earning Proof As Publisher

Payment Methods

There are various payment methods available for the publishers. One can withdraw earning to PayPal, Payoneer, Credit cards, Bank Transfer, Webzine, or E-payment.

According to the latest news, you don’t have to wait for a massive threshold for a payout. The minimum payout for PropellersAds is as low as $5.

PropellerAds Minimum Withdraw Amount And Payment Methods
PropellerAds Minimum Withdraw Amount And Payment Methods

We have set the PropellerAds minimum payout amount of $25 as we use Payoneer as a payment method. We suggest using Payoneer as payment options because it has low transaction fees than PayPal.

Their wire transfer costs a fee of $50, but the publishers who are earning around $10,000 can choose this option.

Propeller Ads Payment Proof

Propeller Ads is a legit advertising network that pays its publishers on time. You can search for Propeller Ads payment proof, and we are sure that you will always get positive feedback.

We are also using propeller ads to monetize some of our mainstream websites. You can watch our YouTube Video for the payment proof.

Propeller Ads Payment Proof

PropellerAds vs. Adsense Review

PopellerAds is not as popular as Adsense, but still, many publishers consider it a best Adsense alternative. While Propellerads offers both CPM and CPC ads, Adsense is best for high CPC ads.

Getting Adsense approval is more complicated than getting PropellerAds approval. Additionally, you can easily monetize a brand new website in PropellerAds than Google Adsense.

You can earn more money from Adsense with less website traffic. However, you need a high amount of traffic to make a significant amount of money from PropellerAds.

You can almost monetize any kind of website with Propeller Ads, including copyright content. Adsense is strict about the website content. Furthermore, Adsense can even ban your account if you violate their terms and condition.

Easy approval process.Rigorous approval process.
Low CPC.High CPC.
You can monetize a streaming site.You cannot monetize a streaming site.
Copyright content allowed.Copyright content not allowed.

If you have the approval of both AdSense and propeller ads, then you can use both for revenue. In case you do not have Adsense approval, then PropellerAds is the best AdSense alternative.

How To Monetize Website In Propeller Advertising Network

Propeller Ads has a user-friendly interface, which makes the joining process easy. There are necessary steps to go for making money through Propeller Ad Network. You can monetize blogs, websites, mobile apps, and even social media channels.

Step 1. Register For An Account As A Publisher

Just click on the banner below to create a free account with Propellerads.

PropellerAds Advertising Network
Join Propeller Ad Network

Once you click the banner, you will get a signup page. Fill out the necessary information about yourself. After filling out the data, click on the signup button.

Sign Up Propeller Ads
Sign Up Propeller Ads

Now you need to activate your account. You will receive an activation link in your email address. Click on that link to activate your account.

Now you need to create a secure password to complete the registration process. After you generate a password, click on Finish and Login button. The next step is to add your website or blog to PropellerAds and start making ad revenue.

Step 2. Add Website or Blog To PropellerAds

Before you monetize, you need to add and verify your website or blog with Propeller Ad Network.

First, log in to your Propeller Ads dashboard. Now at the bar appearing at left, click on Sites, then click on Add New Site.

Add New Site To Propellerads
Add New Site To Propellerads

Now enter your website or blog domain name and click on the Add Site Button. We have successfully added a new domain in propeller ads. However, you must verify domain ownership before proceeding further.

Step 3. Verify The Domain Ownership

Now we need to verify The Domain Ownership by picking one of these two methods. We can use the same way to confirm WordPress and Blogspot websites.

  • Adding verification tag to your website
  • Upload the verification file to your root folder

In the next section, we will verify a WordPress and Blogger website by adding a verification tag.

Step 4. Verify WordPress Website In PropellerAds

First, copy the meta tag code by clicking on the Copy Button.

How To Verify WordPress Website In Propeller Ads
How To Verify WordPress Website In Propeller Ads

  Now Log into your WordPress Dashboard. Go to the Appearance and then click on Editor Section.

Verify Website In Propeller Ads

Now in the Right-hand side column, choose the file called header.php. Now paste the PropellerAds validation code between the header tag (<head> </head>). Finally, go down and click on the Save button.

Insert Meta Tag In Blogger

Now Go back to your publisher’s panel and click the “Verify” button. Your account is now ready to monetize your verified website.

Step 4. Verify Blogger/Blogspot Website In PropellerAds

Step 1. Copy the meta tag by clicking on Copy Button.

Propeller Ads Meta Tag To Verify Blogger Website
Propeller Ads Meta Tag To Verify Blogger Website

Step 2. In Blogger Dashboard, go to Theme and Click on Edit HTML.

Monetize Blogger Website With Propeller Ads
Monetize Blogger Website With Propeller Ads

Step 3. Now paste the verification tag below the <head>.

How To Monetize Blogger Website With PropellerAds
How To Monetize Blogger Website With PropellerAds

Do not forget to close the <meta> tag with /> as shown in the image. Finally, to save the HTML file, click on the Save button.

Step 4. At last, click on “Verify” from the PropellerAds dashboard.

If you are still struggling to add your website to Propellerads, then watch below YouTube Video.

How To Add Website To Propeller Ads

Congratulations! You have successfully verified your blog, and now you are ready to monetize your traffic. Now let’s see the different types of Ad Formats and CPM available in Propeller Ads.

Ad Format And CPM Rate Of PropellerAds

Unlike many other competitors, Propeller Ad Network is CPM and CPC based. It means you generate income for impression and ad clicks. You make money for every ad’s impressions as well as for ad clicks.

PropellerAds Network offers a variety of ad formats to monetize desktop and mobile traffic. Each Ad format has different CPM rates. CPM depends on many factors, such as the geographic location, device, and type of site. However, PropellerAds is known for its high CPM rates.

Here we are going to discuss Propellers Ads format and CPM rates. There is a wide variety of ads available on this ad network.

PopUnder or PopUp Ads CPM Rates Up To $10

Pop-under and Pop up ads appear in a different window behind your site. Pop up, and Pop-under ads are the best ad format of the Propeller Ad. It offers the highest CPM rate, which is up to $10.

Yes, you read it right. You can generate $10 for every thousand views with this ad format. Entertainment websites and mainstreaming websites can earn passive income from this type of Ads.

PropellerAds PopUnder ads generate the highest CTR rate, which in turn makes vast ad revenue.

Propellerads PopUnder Ads High CPM Rate
Propellerads PopUnder High CPM Rate

Native Direct Ads CPM Rates

Another popular ad type on Propeller Ad is the native direct ads. You can put the ad with a ‘skip to content’ button, or for downloads ‘call to action’ button.

For the publishers who run video websites, it is an excellent idea to place this ad over the video. Native direct ads increase CTR and ad revenue.

PropellerAds Native Ad Format
PropellerAds Native Ad Format

Interstitial Mobile Ads And Desktop Ads

It is full-screen mobile ads and desktop ads. It is among the top ad format of PropellerAds Network. Interstitial Ads have higher user engagement and CTR rates on mobile traffic. Propellerads CPM rate for Interstitial ads is quite high and can reach up to $3.

As per the latest update, Interstitial ads are available for websites with 10,000+ unique users daily. You need to share a screenshot of your Google Analytics statistics for the last 30 days. Their customer support checks it manually and approves your account.

Propellersads Interstitial Mobile Ads And Desktop Ads
Propellersads Interstitial Mobile Ads And Desktop Ads

Push Notification Ads CPM Rate

Adblockers have hindered the job of ad networks. Propeller Ad Network has come up with a solution to bypass these adblockers that is Push Notification.

This platform is the first, and among very few ad networks to offer this ad type since 2017.

Push notification is a kind of alert that shows users a dialogue box, which increases users’ engagement. Hence, there is a higher click-through-rate and thereby an increased CPM rate of $1-$2.

Propeller Ads Push Notification Ads
Propeller Ads Push Notification Ads

Banner Ads CPM Rates Up To $0.5-$1

PropellerAds supports various sizes of banner ads, such as 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 120×600. Banner ads CPM can reach around $0.5-$1.

Like Intertial ads, you can use PropellerAds banner if you have 10,000+ unique visitors per day.

Smart Link Or Direct Ads CPM Rate

Propellerads Smart links or direct ads are another revolutionary ad format. With Propellerads smart-links, you can earn money without a website.

A Smart link or direct link automatically takes visitors to the most relevant offers. You can use this ad type for paid (pop), redirect, 404 traffic, toolbar, expired domains, etc.

Propeller Ads Smart Link or Direct Ads
Propeller Ads Smart Link or Direct Ads

PropellerAds Vs. Other Ad Network

Open for All

You can monetize any kind of website with Propeller Ads. You can even get approval for a brand new site. Unlike other ad networks, you can monetize a website that has Copyright content. Further, it approves the publishers, which are rejected by the different websites for any reason.

High CPM Ad Network

CPM is a better option, as you get money for the impressions. In comparison to its competitors, it offers the highest CPM for ad formats.

No Minimum Traffic

That means the very nascent websites and bloggers can register and monetize their websites. It does not need any minimum required traffic.

Referral Programs

You can also join the Propellerads referral program without a website. You just have to refer new publishers and advertisers to Propeller Ads. Propeller Ad Network will give you 5% of referrals revenue for the entire life.

PropellerAds Pros And Cons

Easy Approval Process.Not suitable for all kind of traffic.
Minimum Withdrawal Amount is $5.PropellerAds Pays 20% Less.
The weekly payment option is available.Direct bank transfer is costly.
High CPM Ad Network.Slow Customer Support Response
Wide Variety of Ad Format.
Can Monetize New Websites.
Best Adsense Alternative.

Is PropellerAds Good?

As per various Propeller Ads reviews, we can conclude that it is the quickest way to monetize any kind of traffic. PropellerAds has become a significantly accessible, legit, and trustworthy ad network that is helping the publishers and advertisers equally.

It is good not only for desktop traffic but also for mobile traffic.

FAQs On Propeller Ads Network

There are many publishers out there who have genuine doubts about Propeller Ad Network. Here are some most FAQs on the propeller ads network.

Can I use Adsense and PropellerAds on the same website?

Yes, you can use PropellerAds and Adsense on the same website without any problem.

Can I use Propeller Ads for my movie downloading websites?

Yes, you can use Propeller Ads to monetize a movie downloading website. Propeller Ad Network is best for mainstreaming websites.

What is the PropellerAds minimum payout amount?

PropellerAds minimum payout is $5 for PayPal and Payoneer. PropellerAds also allows you to set the minimum payout amount. Yes, it’s right; you can get a payment from Propeller Ads once you reach a minimum payout amount of $5.

How to set up propellers Ads on WordPress Website?

You can easily set up Propeller Ads on WordPress website by using their WordPress Plugin. You can watch our YouTube video for step by step guide on PropellerAds WordPress Plugin.

How To Set Up Propeller Ads on WordPress Website
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