Exoclick Review Best To Monetize A Blog 2020

In this blog, we will do a full Exoclick review. Exoclick is one of the best ad networks to monetize any websites. This is one of the best Adsense alternatives to monetize a blog, not only blog we can monetize any kind of website with Exoclick.

Whenever we talk about ad publishing network the most well-known name which comes to our mind is Google AdSense. We all know that getting approval in Google Adsense is very difficult for small bloggers. So the question arrives on how to monetize blogs and websites without Adsense.

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A simple answer is to try some Google Adsense alternatives. There are a huge number of AdSense alternatives that pay a good amount of CPM for websites and blogs. Exoclick is not the best but a decent google Adsense alternative in the market. My Exoclick review will help you to decide if you can use the Exoclick to monetize a blog.

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Exoclick Review To Monetize Blog or Website

Exoclick is the fastest-growing ad Network in the world. Exoclick is ranked amongst the top 4 advertising companies in the world. This Exoclick review is all about the publishers. If you are advertisers then the Exoclick review from Mobidea will be helpful for you.

Exoclick ad Network provides both advertising and monetizing facility. Exoclick provides the ad publishing facility throughout the world and the huge traffic comes from these high eCPM rate countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and European countries.

Top Benefits Of Exoclick Ad Network

CPM Rate Of Exoclick

When we talk about CPM, the obvious question which comes to our mind is what is the meaning of CPM specifically for advertisers and publishers.

CPM stands for Cost Per Impression, cost per thousand is a marketing terminology which is used to determine the cost incurred on 1,000 impressions for advertisers. If CPM is $1 and your website or blog succeeds in achieving 1,000 impressions then you’ll receive $1.

Now I must say the CPM rate of Exoclick is not high if your visitors are from low CPM countries but some countries give high CPM rates. In the coming section, we will discuss various ad formates of Exoclick.

Exoclick offers an average $2 per 1.000 impressions and $0.01 per click in tier countries like Europe, USA, Canada, UK, Australia. However, CPM rates are comparatively low for Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Japan, and China but CPM rates for Asian countries are not too far from satisfactory.

Here is the pictorial representation of CPM rates for different regions.

Exoclick Review CPM Rate For Various Countries
Exoclick Review CPM Rate For Various Countries

No Minimum Traffic Requirement

Exoclick Ad Network doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirements. They also accept a blog, website or mobile app which is even 1 day old. The only prerequisite for monetization is to fill up their registration form.

Target Various Niches

Exoclick target all kinds of niche which is another plus point of Exoclick. It means you can monetize a blog or website from any kind of niche. Even if your website is about any controversial niche namely Adult or Gambling no issue they will accept it as well.

In general, Exoclick covers three main categories of Niche. Within these main categories, you will find various subcategories that cover 99% of all niche.

  • Adult
  • Entertainment & Lifestyle
  • Streaming and File Sharing

Wide Variety Of Ad Format

 Exoclick Ad Publishing Network provides a cross-platform compatibility service. All of their ads are extremely compatible with any sort of device and works pretty well across all platforms.

The Exoclick Ad network supports many ad formats. They have divided ad formats in Various Zone. Each zone covers a specific platform. Below is the overview of zones and various ad Ad formats under it.

Best Ad Format For Blog and Websites

You can use these ad formats to monetize a blog and website. Under web advertising, there are 5 types of ad formats. All ad formats are excellent for monetizing but Interstitial and PopUnder generate a high CPM rate.

  • Banner
  • Instant Message
  • Interstitial
  • Popunder
  • Sticky Message
Interstitial Ad Format To Monetize a Blog

Interstitial ads slide in to cover the full screen and can be dismissed by the visitor easily. The slide frequency that a visitor will see the ads can be configured.

Monetize Blog With Interstial Ad Format
Monetize Blog With Interstitial Ad Format
Popunder Ad Format To Monetize a Blog

A pop-under ad is triggered when a user clicks anywhere on the page. It appears behind the main browser window where it remains unnoticed until the main browser window is closed or minimized.

According to the statistics revealed by pop-under ads, entertainment websites and blogs pays the highest CPM which will be up to $8.

Monetize Your Blog With Popunder Ads
Monetize A Blog With Popunder Ads

Best Ad Format To Monetize Mobile Apps

Exoclick also provides various ad formats to monetize Mobile Apps. Monetizing mobile apps, blogs or websites which are mobile-friendly can increase your revenue a lot. Exoclick provides 4 types of ad formats to monetize mobile apps.

Mobile Banner

These are Classic display banners that are available in two sizes 300×50 & 300×100. These are optimized for mobile apps and mobile-friendly blog and websites.

Mobile Instant Message

This is basically a chat box that appears at the bottom of the mobile. You can monetize a blog or website which deals with dating and live cam products. This ad format generates high revenue.

Mobile Interstitial Banner

Interstitial ads cover the full screen of a mobile. This attracts high attention for a user which in turn generates high revenue. They can be dismissed by the visitor easily.

Mobile Popunder

This is similar to the website popunder format. A popunder appears behind the main browser window. This ad format does not annoy users as it remains unnoticed until the main browser window is closed.

Below is the gallery which shows all mobile-friendly ad formats. These ad formats you can use to monetize mobile-friendly blogs and websites.

Video Monetization

Excolick ad format also supports video monetization. If you have a website that has videos you can monetize them with below ad formats.

In-Stream Video

In-stream video ad format works with all major video players. This video ad format automatically plays when a user clicks on a website’s video content. This type of ad format has a very high conversion rate.

In-Stream ad format for video monetization
In-Stream ad format for video monetization
Video Slider To Monetize Video

Video slider ad format looks like an instant message but plays a video. This comes automatically when the user visits your page. A visitor can easily close this.

In-Video Banner

In-video banner is to monetize your video content. You can monetize your video with banner ads using Javascript and VAST. This will display 300×250 and 468×60 ads inside your video player. This ad format has a high conversion rate.

Monetize your video with banner ads
Monetize your video with banner ads

Native Advertising

These days native advertising has high CPM rates and giving a high conversion rate. Exoclick has 4 types of native advertising ad formats to monetize your blog and website.

Exit Widget To Monetize A Blog

Exit widget is suitable for blogs and websites in which sales opportunities are there. Native Exit format detects when a visitor is moving away from your website. It then displays an ad or offers which gives one more opportunity to engage. Exits widget also helps to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Exit Widget Ad Format To Engage Leaving Visitors
Exit Widget Ad Format To Engage Leaving Visitors
Monetize A Blog With Push Notifications

Currently, almost every blog or website has a push notification. With Push Notification Ads, you can target existing and also new customers. You can promote your offers or latest blogs and promotions directly to their desktop web browser. These ad formats also work great with mobile devices.

Monetize a blog with push notification ad format
Monetize a blog with push notification ad format
Recommended Widget

Exoclick native advertising also offers a fully customizable widget. You can use this widget as a banner ad as well. The recommended widget contains images and a short text, title, and description. ExoClick’s native ads are fully responsive across all devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Monetize your blog with recommended banner ads
Monetize your blog with recommended banner ads

Earn Money From Referral Program

Referal program of Exoclik another reason for me to write an Exoclick review. Exoclick offers a very lucrative referral program. It offers 5% of the revenue which was earned by referred publishers throughout the lifetime.

Under the ExoClick referral program, you will get a referral link. You need to promote it to your friends and on the various social media platforms. If anyone joins under you then you will get a consistent 5% of his or her earnings. This way you can have a passive income for life.

Anti Ad Block Features

Nowadays many web browsers are blocking ads that are reducing the revenue of the publishers. All ad formats of Exoclick have an anti adblocker. It means even if your visitor has ad blocking software it will bypass it and shows ads

Payment Options

Exoclick Supports a wide variety of payment options. You should have a Minimum balance of 20$ for withdraw. Below are some of the payment options that are available on Exoclick.

  • Paypal
  • Paxum
  • Wire Transfer
  • Web Money
  • Cryptocurrency
  • ePayments e-wallet

Pros and Cons Of Exoclick

Under Exoclick review pros and cons are very important aspects so let’s discuss that.

High CPM for european countries. Low CPM rates for Asian countries.
Supports variety of NicheGood for adult traffic.
Supports various payment optionsLow quality customer support.
Video tutorial availableFraud detection is weak.
Anti adblockersLow Premium websites.
Low minimum balance for
withdrawing earning


If a blog or website is not accepted by Google Adsense then Exoclick is a better alternative to monetize a blog. If you finally decided to monetize your content through Exoclick. One thing should be taken into consideration is that you really need good quality traffic to earn money from this network.

Hope you liked my Exoclick review. Tell us what is your point of view on Exoclick ad network in the comment section.

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