PayCafe Reviews Best Credit Card Payment For Websites

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Paycafe Reviews

As a high-risk retailer, it’s often hard to find a credit card payment processor for websites, but PayCafe makes it easy. PayCafe is the equivalent of Square and Stripe, but for businesses that Square and Stripe may not approve.

Our PayCafe reviews conclude that PayCafe is best for companies both small and large that operate online, not in-person. They are one of the top eCommerce payment solutions available today, helping you to scale your online business.

The best example would be to use Desk booking software with PayCafe.

Before we discuss the benefits of having PayCafe, let’s understand what is PayCafe?

What is PayCafe?

PayCafe is a payment processing company that gives you the power to accept credit card payments on your website. Whether you sell online, on social media, or are considered high-risk, PayCafe has a solution for you. With so many platforms and methods of selling goods and services online today, it’s hard to stay afloat without a reliable payment processor. PayCafe understands this struggle and has created an easy way for businesses everywhere to get paid.

In addition to being able to take any type of credit card from anywhere in the world, we also provide top security features including data encryption with SSL certificates. You can rest assured that your customers’ information will not be compromised if they decide to buy something from your website.

The merit of using PayCafe is that they take PayPal, Apple Pay, and other alternative payment types as well. If a customer comes from one of our social media integrations, they can even pay with their credit card directly through Facebook or Twitter! This could be a great way to speed up your checkout process while giving them more options.

You just need to integrate it into your website, create plans and PayCafe takes care of all complex processes in the backend.

Features Of PayCafe Reviews

Why choose PayCafe? In our PayCafe reviews, we provide the top five reasons to choose them over other credit card payment processors.

1.   Customizable Virtual Terminal

Paycafe Features Reviews

PayCafe offers pre-built shopping carts with the option to customize them to meet your needs. Business owners don’t need a programming background or excessive time to customize the shopping cart to fit their needs.

It’s easy to create the shopping cart you need without looking like a copycat of all other businesses online.

Your shopping cart will fit your branding and help customers feel secure about shopping with you.

2. Advanced Security

Pacafe Reviews Security

All PayCafe virtual terminals are PCI compliant, which protects both you and your customers. Your financial data isn’t shared and all information is encrypted, so there’s no risk in hosting your virtual terminal on PayCafe’s server.

If you need robust hosting, then we recommend Cloudways.

The PayCafe system monitors every activity of customers to detect fraud. They are experts in winning chargeback defenses, hence it increases your revenue.

Continuous update to the latest patches makes their system robust to catch fraudsters.

3.  Powerful Tools and Hardware

Paycafe Tools

PayCafe caters to eCommerce businesses, offering not only a shopping cart/virtual terminal but the ability to host your entire store on their server too. It’s like Shopify, but for high-risk businesses. PayCafe boasts a 99.99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring to ensure your store is up and running.

You can use a unique domain name to keep up with your branding while using the powerful PayCafe back-end to provide your customers with a robust checkout process.

4.   24/7 Customer Support

Business owners need around-the-clock support when processing payments. Your website is available 24/7 and support should be too. PayCafe representatives are available by phone (833) 729 – 2233 and email ( 24-hours a day to help you provide great customer service to your customers when there’s a payment problem.

5.   Fast Setup Time

You could apply for and get set up with PayCafe in just a few minutes. Once set up you can accept payments online right away. The application process is simple and setup is even easier. Even though they have only been in business for a couple of years, PayCafe gives Square some good competition.

Moreover, they have the technical staff to help you out, in case of any issue you face. Moreover, they provide 24/hr unlimited live support for any help.

The customer can create an account on the website for an easy & secure transaction process.

6. Accept Payments Globally

As PayCafe offers services to online websites and businesses, it has its operation in over 190 countries. They accept payment in local currencies with automatic currency conversion.

Your website or any business can accept payment from over 135 countries with debit and credit cards. If your customer does not have a card, no worries, they allow you to accept payments from PayPal as well. Additionally, soon they are going to offer Bitcoin Payments.

Additionally, PayCafe is not limited to websites only you can use it online too like Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and many social networks.

7. Low Processing Fees

PayCafe offers an easy-to-understand processing fee policy. They charge a small amount of percentage for every transaction, your business makes through them. While other credit card payment handler, charges 3% to 4% of payments, PayCafe only charges 2.45% of each transaction.

Additionally, there are no setup fees, cancellation, or card update fees which surely saves your investment.

For international payments, they incur an additional fee. However, the fees do not go beyond 2.49% of your total transaction.

How To Set Up Paycafe Payment Solution in Websites

Step one: Go to PayCafe website and create a free merchant account. The signup process is free and easy to follow.

Step two: Once you have created an online payment processing account, go to the admin section of your site and click on Payment tools in order to configure it.

Step three: In the next step select “Paycafe – Merchant” from the drop-down menu on the left. Now follow Step four.

Step four: Insert your PayCafe merchant account number and click “Next”. You will then be able to choose which payment methods you would like to offer in your store among cash, credit card (PayCafe), etc.

Step five: You can now select which payment methods you would like to offer and configure them accordingly.

Step six: If the configuration is correct continue with step seven. Otherwise, go back to your ISPconfig interface and change some of the settings. *Click on “PayCafe – Merchant” again*

Step seven: If you are ready to go, click “Save” to finalize the settings.

PayCafe Reviews Verdict – Should you Use Them?

If you are a small, medium, or large eCommerce business that can’t get approved from standard PSPs, like Square or Stripe, PayCafe is a great alternative. They aren’t transparent with their pricing online, but they offer straightforward service and cater to mid to high-risk businesses that otherwise may not get approved for card payments.

They put a lot of emphasis on security and their setup time can’t be beaten. If you’re looking for a fast solution to allow you to accept credit card payments for your website, let our PayCafe reviews be your guide to using one of the best in the business.

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