CloudWays Affiliate Program Review Earn $500 Per Month

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Are you looking for an affiliate program that can give you an earning of more than $500 per month?

Let me tell you, you can even earn more than this with the CloudWays affiliate program.

This post will do a CloudWays affiliate program review and explain how easy it is to make consistent passive income through this program.

What used to be alternative streams of income 10 years ago has become an essential means of livelihood.

Everywhere you turn online, hundreds, if not thousands, of platforms parading themselves as credible ways to make good money.

Some of these are through Affiliate Programs for goods, products, and services. But are they all credible? The simple answer is No.

There are a few Affiliate Programs where you can earn some good money. While it is difficult to know which is reliable and not, it is essential to do your findings.

But not to worry, we have done that bit for you. We have done our background check, asked the right questions, and sampled verifiable reviews. We strongly recommend CloudWays Affiliate Program.

But don’t just take our word for it just yet. This CloudWays affiliate program review is detailed and will take you into the program’s major components so that you will see for yourself how many benefits you can get from the program.

Sit tight and read up our review!

What is CloudWays?

It’s essential to know about the services that you are going to promote. Let me give you a brief introduction to CloudWays.

CloudWays is a cloud-hosting platform that is highly-rated and known to provide fantastic client experience, flexible hosting plans, and innovative solutions for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

CloudWays Hosting Solutions
CloudWays Hosting Solutions

According to a Forbes review posted on the company’s website, CloudWays is a company “in the process of moving from a service offering… to a far more productized approach”.

CloudWays has a fantastic team of professionals dedicated to building, deploying, scaling, and managing phenomenal web applications.

CloudWays is also best among many hosting providers. You can read below comparison post of CloudWays with reputed hosting providers.

CloudWays vs. Kinsta
CloudWays vs. WPEngine

But it’s beyond merely providing web hosting solutions to clients. CloudWays is also very concerned about supporting individuals and enriching lives.

CloudWays Affiliate Program is one of the most trusted and famous in the web hosting affiliate industry.

How To Promote CloudWays?

The CloudWays Affiliate Program makes you an income earner in three necessary steps.

  • Join by creating an account.
  • Promote the program using the affiliate links, banners, and other seasonal campaigns.
  • Third and final step- start earning a commission.

You can use some easy ways to promote CloudWays services.

  • Write a review post on CloudWays Services.
  • Share affiliate links on various social media accounts.
  • Write answers to user’s queries in Quora and Reddit.
  • If you have some budget, then advertise it on Facebook and Google Ads.

Why Choose CloudWays Affiliate Program?

The first thing to note about the CloudWays Affiliate Program is the chance for people to earn a passive income. But there are several reasons why CloudWays is a preferred choice.

First and foremost, it is a great product to sell. A great product often sells itself. However, it is important to let people know what they stand to gain by hosting their websites on CloudWays.

Premium Customer Support:

This is characterized by a Live Chat feature where users and customers can get first-time support and help with whatever hitches or problems they may have.

Premium customer support is available 24 hours every day and for seven days every week. This fantastic customer support also includes a ticketing system, along with online communities and resources.


I don’t think you’ll find it easier anywhere else. With just one click, a lot can be done. As an affiliate, you’ll be marketing a product that offers a quick and easy interface and interactivity. This can include app migration, managed server, and even data security.

Freedom to Choose from Multiple Options:

CloudWays offers at least five industry-leading infrastructures that provide ample cloud-hosting flexibility. This gives users the leverage to launch numerous and perhaps unlimited applications, even without a contract.

Optimized Performance:

CloudWays stands tall amongst other hosting platforms. Its amazing cloud hosting performance is made possible with top-of-the-line technologies and enhanced stack, including advanced cache and CDN.

Earning From CloudWays Affiliate Program

There is an enormous potential of earning with the CloudWays affiliate program. There are three main affiliate structures that any affiliate marketer can choose from.

The Slab Structure:

This is mostly based on performance and is calculated monthly. It has a payment model based on commission, depending on the number of referrals you make in a month.

Slab One has a monthly referral bracket of between 1-5 referrals and a commission of $50 per sale.

CloudWays Affiliate Program Earning Slab Structure

Others are; 6-20 referrals for $75 per sale, 21-45 referrals a month for $100 per sale, and 46-80 referrals for $125 per month.

This is a preferred model for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to earn consistently every month and are performance-based.

It has the following pros.

  • It is performance-based, and earning is dependent on how much work you have done and how many referrals have been made.
  • It is quite flexible as you can move to other plans like Custom or Hybrid whenever you want.
  • The commissions are instant and calculated based on how many customers you refer to.
  • Allows for consistent and continuous earning.
  • Great for performance marketers and bloggers.
  • Bonus campaigns and high incentives can be enjoyed with increased sales every month.

Hybrid or Recurring Commission Structure:

While this model is not performance-based, it is a long-term arrangement that you can take advantage of to earn a recurring commission for active CloudWays customers you refer to.

Here, your earnings are spread out several months, but it offers the advantage of earning a $30 up-front bonus and 7% of every amount paid by a customer you referred every month.

CloudWays Affiliate Program Earning Recurring Commission
CloudWays Affiliate Program Earning Recurring Commission

You may want to consider this plan for the following reasons;

  • Offers lifetime commissions ($30 per sale regardless of how many and 7% lifetime commission).
  • Also, very flexible as you can move to other payment models whenever you choose.
  • You can earn big if you refer customers that spend big on hosting.
  • You continue to make affiliate commissions as long as the customer continues to use CloudWays.
  • Bonus campaigns and incentives also available here.

Custom Structure:

The Custom Structure is a custom arrangement suitable for those who can bring in a lot of customers.

The plan offers up to $200 per sale or even more and requires referrals of at least 81 customers regularly.

Why Choose CloudWays Affiliate Program?

I cannot tell you enough how efficient and reliable CloudWays Affiliate Program is.

There are so many reasons why this is so, but we’ll only see a few;

Earning Potential

As an affiliate with CloudWays Hosting, you have a better chance of earning good passive income because it may only take as little as 10 successful referrals monthly to be on a steady income monthly.

In the slab structure, you can earn a minimum commission of 50$, and if you bring more customers, you can get a maximum of $200 per sale. On the other hand, its recurring commission structure has no limitation on earning.

All you need to do is ensure you meet your monthly target based on the plan you have registered for and make sure your referrals remain with CloudWays. You can earn as high as $4,800 yearly as an affiliate marketer on the platform.

Longer Cookie Period

Cloudways affiliate program has a period of 90 days as the cookie period, which is higher than any hosting affiliate programs.

There is simply nothing to worry about, as your sales are correctly tracked and carefully documented. This means you will receive the rewards for your work without stress.

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

CloudWays provides a team of dedicated affiliate managers on standby who can make your affiliate journey with the system really easy. Every question you have will be answered and all the guidance you need will be provided with every step of the way.

Adequate Learning Resources

Another good thing about CloudWays affiliate program is that they just don’t leave you struggling to find your feet as an affiliate marketer.

You have unlimited access to monthly newsletters, onboarding emails, and guides, as well as benchmark articles to help you.

Unbeatable Tracking System

This serves as a great tool to assess the Return on Investment (ROI) of your efforts. There are advanced affiliate tools for tracking, such as sub id tracking and postback URL, that keep you alert and help you make the right marketing decisions.

Performance Reporting

There are many tools available on your affiliate panel once you start the program with CloudWays. One of them is Performance Reports.

This helps you keep track of your progress, know how well you’re doing, and what impact your campaigns have had over a period.

Custom Promotion Offers

This is another excellent support mechanism that has been put in place to help your marketing drive. CloudWays affiliate program provides customized offers, promotional banners, and landing pages, among others, to authenticate and scale up your efforts.

CloudWays Affiliate Program Minimum Payment

It is essential to note that payment is made primarily through PayPal. Your affiliate commissions will only be processed and made if your earnings have reached $250.

Payment is also made on the 10th of every month, which amounts to a minimum period of 30 days.

There is also a Wire Transfer option for high earners as payments made through this method are from $1,000 and above.

If you choose to use PayPal, you’ll need to select it as a payment method and include the PayPal email address.

For Wire Transfer, contact their support for information on how to do that.


You should join the CloudWays Affiliate Program because it is one platform that guarantees you maximum passive income. As frequently as you need it, it is easy for you to do so with all the technical support and affiliate marketing tools you need.

It is so easy to do because CloudWays is a trusted platform, and those who get to try it out continue to use it for their hosting needs. Get on board today, and start earning!

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