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In this blog post, we will do a detailed InterServer review based on our experience with them. InterServer is running a web hosting business for more than 20 years. They started their journey with reseller hosting, but down the line, they started their own hosting business.

They have been in the web hosting business for a long time and providing excellent hosting services. Due to their reliability and trustworthiness, they have gained much reputation and achieved a top position among web hosting companies.

To test them, we bought WordPress hosting from InterServer and hosted a demo website on it. We have been checking its performance, uptime, and speed by a WordPress plugin. Additionally, we have reviewed various factors like features, price, uptime, speed, and customer support to judge InterServer reliability and trustworthiness.

We are going to share our assessment in the following section but first, let us discuss some InterServer essential features.

InterServer Features

Choosing a web hosting company that has unique and useful features that can grow your business is difficult and time-consuming. Most of the hosting company provides similar features with a twist. We are surprised and impressed by InterServer as they offer some unique features that we did not find in any of the hosting companies.

They also have an extensive database of web hosting tutorials and guide for beginners. These articles help to get started on any hosting topic you want.

Below are some of the unique Interserver features that make it a unique and cost-effective hosting company.

Same Renewal Price (Price Locking)

We are sure that Price locking or the same renewal price is a unique feature that is only available with InterServer. All hosting companies give you a massive discount while buying for the first time, but when you renew the same services, the cost is double.

Now, if you buy InterServer hosting, your cost is never going to change. For example, If you purchased WordPress hosting for three years at prices of $230, after three years, you need to pay the same amount.

The same renewal price may sound ordinary, but let us compare this feature with some hosting company and see the difference. The below table clearly shows that in terms of initial and renewal cost, InterServer hosting is best.

Hosting CompanyInitial Cost (3 Years)Renewal Cost (3 Years)
InterServer$72$72View Details
SiteGround$142$430View Details
BlueHost$99.6$287 View Details
A2 Hosting$72$215 View Details
ChemiCloud$142$287 View Details
TMD Hosting$106$175 View Details
HostGator$99$250 View Details

Unlimited Hosting

InterServer offers unlimited storage and bandwidth in all its hosting plans. Now you may be thinking every hosting company says that, but restricts at some point in time. Well, that is not the case with InterServer truly supply unlimited storage and bandwidth.

To supply unlimited space and bandwidth, they limit all their resources at 50%. A team of experts keeps watching this capping, and whenever load increases, they add more CPU and RAM. In this way, their servers are always ready to meet the demand.

InterServer Unlimited Hosting Plan
InterServer Unlimited Web Hosting Plan

Free Cloudflare CDN

InterServer hosting plans come with free Cloudflare CDN to boost your website response time and page loading speed. Cloudflare is a popular and most effective CDN (Content Delivery Network) to increase website response time.

Cloudflare CDN keeps website data on multiple servers in different locations. When users visit a website, they always get the data from a server that is nearer to them.

You can easily connect your website to Cloudflare through InterServer cPanel. You can follow this post that explains the steps to join a site to Cloudflare CDN.

Domain Registration At $1.98

InterServer does not provide free domain along with their hosting plans, but they offer new domain registration at only 1.98$. This offer is fair because many hosting providers even do not have offers on domain names. Additionally, you can transfer your domain to InterServer as well at $1.98.

Now here is a bonus for you if you are looking for a hosting company that gives free domain name. Below are some reliable hosting company that offers free lifetime domain.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

InterServer offers 30 days of the money-back guarantee, no question asked. If for some reason, you want to cancel Interserver services, you can always ask for a refund within 30 days.

Now note that hosting plans like the dedicated server has monthly plans. These plans do not have a money-back guarantee. However, they allow you to cancel it anytime.

Free Website Builder

InterServer hosting gives free drag and drops website builder to build attractive websites. You can also use popular CMS like WordPress, but a Site Builder saves a lot of time in designing websites.

InterServer Standard web hosting comes with SitePad, which is a free website builder. SitePad has over 300+ themes that have tons of features and an easily editable interface to create eye-catching websites.

Dedicated Customer Support

One of the best things we liked about InterServer Customer support is that everyone available for your help, including CEO Michael Lavrik. Their customer support is available 24×7 via chat, phone, and mail.

In case you have a specific requirement that no one provides, you can always send an email to the technical staff. Interserver professional team will help you to fulfill your needs.

InterServer Customer Support Team
InterServer Customer Support Team

99.99% Up Time Guarantee

Uptime is essential for every website because if your website is down, then you are directly losing revenue. Hence uptime is one of our deciding factors for assessing the reliability of a hosting company.

We have been monitoring InterServer server uptime for more than one year, and it has an impressive uptime rate of 99.99%.

MonthInterServer Up Time Rate
Jan 2020100%
Dec 201999.8%
Nov 201999.92%
Oct 201999.90%
Sept 201999.98%
August 201999.68%
July 201998.78%
June 201999.01%
May 2019100%
April 201999.96%
March 201999.60%
Feb 201998.98%

Excellent Page Loading Speed

A page loading speed is a time that a browser takes to load all contents of a website page. If your page loading speed is good, then it gives a better user experience.

Usually, if a page loads within 3 sec, then we can consider it as the best page loading speed. But if your website page takes more than 3 sec, then you must start analyzing and improve page loading speed.

Now, InterServer, by default, gives you many options that boost the page loading speed of a website.

InterServer supplies a four-layer of caching so that the server can respond within a short time. At SSD disk-level, it gives LSI MegaRaid SSD caching. In addition to disk level, it also provides hardware-level caching that helps in faster loading files, which are more than 2MB.

Along with caching features, InterServer Hosting servers equips with the LiteSpeed Web server. LiteSpeed Web Server uses innovative technology that performs better than Apache or Nginx web server.

We regularly check the page loading speed in GTMetrix, and every time we get an optimal page loading speed.

InterServer Hosting Review GTMetrx Page Loading Speed
InterServer Hosting Review GTMetrx Page Loading Speed

Free Hosting For Students

InterServer provides free hosting for students. Hence if you are a student and want any hosting for your projects, then you can contact them. You can send them an mail from your school or college email id. They will review it and provide hosting approval.

InterServer Coupon Code

In addition to low cost, InterServer gives coupon code as well to reduce the hosting cost further. InterServer coupon code gives a massive discount and can get InterServer hosting at just $0.01 for the first month.

You can use the Coupon Code “TRYINTERSERVER” or click the below promotional link to get the InterServer offer.

InterServer Review

While doing the InterServer Review, we found that they have their Datacenters with industry-standard hardware to support several types of hosting. InterServer hosting is suitable not only for small and medium scale websites but also for large eCommerce and online gaming websites.

InterServer supports Standard Shared Hosting, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated Server Hosting. Now, to make things simple, we have analyzed each hosting service price and features. In the next section, we will discuss them in detail.

  • Shared Hosting

  • $2month

  • Unlimited
  • Price Locking
  • Unlimited
  • Domain Name At $1.98
  • 99.99%
    Up Time
  • Unlimited
  • WordPress Hosting

  • $8month

  • Unlimited
  • Price Locking
  • Unlimited
  • Domain Name At $1.98
  • 99.99%
    Up Time
  • Unlimited
  • VPS Hosting

  • $21month

  • 30 GB
  • Price Locking
  • 2 TB
  • Domain Name At $1.98
  • 99.99%
    Up Time
  • Unlimited
  • Dedicated Hosting

  • $70month

  • 861 GB
  • Price Locking
  • Unlimited
  • Domain Name At $1.98
  • 99.99%
    Up Time
  • Unlimited

InterServer WordPress Hosting Review

WordPress hosting is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) that helps to build a website without the knowledge of any coding.

InterServer WordPress Hosting Reviews
InterServer WordPress Hosting Reviews

You will get fully managed WordPress Hosting from InterServer. You can choose Standard Web Hosting and install WordPress from cPanel that will correctly work like WordPress hosting. However, we suggest going with Managed WordPress Hosting as the InterServer team has perfected these servers for better performance and security.

InterServer WordPress Hosting is available in 5 billing cycles, which are Monthly, half-yearly, yearly, 24 months, and for 36 months. All these billing cycles give advantages to a customer only. If a user selects a longer billing cycle, then the overall hosting cost will reduce.

For a better understanding of InterServer WordPress Hosting price, you can follow the below table.

InterServer WordPress HostingCostTotal CostDiscount
Half Yearly (6 Months) $8$45.605%
Yearly $8$86.4010%
Biennially (2 Years) $8$163.2015%
Triennially (3 Years) $8$230.4020%

The first one is a monthly plan; it means you can renew WordPress Hosting every month. A monthly plan is a better choice for short term hosting, but WordPress Hosting on the monthly billing cycle is a bit costly and starts as low as $8/month.

The second billing cycle is for six months it means you can buy hosting for six months, and renew it after six months. If you choose this plan, then you will get a 5% discount. In addition to this, you can apply coupon code “TRYINTERSERVER” that gives you the first month of hosting at $0.01.

You can choose the third billing cycle if you have a long term plan for a running website, but not sure whether it’s going to work on not. This plan is for two years, which includes a 15% discount.

The fourth plan is for expert webmasters or bloggers. You can have three years of WordPress hosting that includes the highest discount of 20%.

InterServer VPS Hosting Review

InterServer is one of the top VPS hosting providers that includes CentOs VPS, Windows VPS, WordPress VPS, and Webuzo VPS. VPS hosting is ideal for the growing website that needs faster speed, high uptime, and security.

InterServer VPS hosting comes with different types of hosting and plans and prices. To save our readers time, we have summarized InterServer VPS hosting types and their respective prices.

[wbr-pricing-table id=1534]

Cheap and Flexible Pricing

InterServer VPS hosting price is flexible and gives complete control to customers. Their hosting plans are available monthly, and you can cancel it anytime. You can buy VPS Hosting at just $6/month.

im interserver custom package
InterServer VPS Hosting Price Review

Fast Loading Speed

InterServer VPS is known for its fastest loading speed. If you want your website to be the fastest, then you must choose a VPS. InterServer VPS not only provides the fastest loading speed but also capable of handling thousands of concurrent user sessions.

Options To Choose OS

While using InterServer, we found another unique feature it provides is the option to choose OS (Operating System). You can select the OS of your choice while choosing a VPS plan.

InterServer VPS Hosting Operating System
InterServer VPS Hosting Operating System

Advanced Security

InterServer VPS hosting gives you advanced security features that protect your website from online threats. Moreover, all security features are available with best practices and pre-configured. As a result of this, as a user, you will get enough time to grow your business.

Dedicated Backup

Backup is an essential aspect while running a website. You must not compromise with backup. InterServer VPS comes with default automatic backup to the cloud. Along with regular data, they keep backup of all applications.

InterServer VPS Hosting Review Backup Solutions
InterServer VPS Hosting Review Backup Solutions

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

You must choose a hosting that is always up. Even a small amount of downtime can lead to a considerable amount of loss. InterServer VPS provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee. It means your website will always be up even at the peak load.

InterServer Dedicated Server Hosting Review

In Dedicated server hosting, you will get a physical server whose resources are not shared by anyone. Dedicated servers are the most powerful and secure hosting solution for websites.

InterServer gives you a reliable, dedicated server at an affordable price. Their specialized server plan starts at just $55/month, which includes a lot of free features as well.

Benefits Of InterServer Dedicated Server Hosting

InterServer Dedicated Server hosting gives many advantages over any other hosting types. Let’s discuss them one by one in detail.

Benefits Of InterServer Dedicated Server Hosting
Benefits Of InterServer Dedicated Server Hosting

Free DDoS Protection

A DDoS attack is the most dangerous security threat that can damage your website in minutes. In DDoS attacks, hackers send a vast amount of bot traffic from multiple systems simultaneously. Enormous and fake traffic keeps your server busy serving bot traffic, and genuine users get delayed response.

InterServer Dedicated hosting gives you free DDoS protection that filter out real web visitors from bot traffic and prevent DDoS attack.

Free DDoS Attack Protection
Free DDoS Attack Protection

Best Security

In terms of security, a dedicated server comes with the highest and unbeatable security. InterServer provides physical security to servers by deploying their hardware in a secured data center. In addition to physical security, their Datacenter equips with the best firewall to prevent any online attack.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Managing dedicated requires much technical knowledge, but InterServer gives a GUI interface to maintain a dedicated server. In addition to cPanel and WHM, you will get Plesk and DirectAdmin control panel. All these help you to configure and manage your dedicated server quickly and efficiently.

Get Dedicated Server Within 15 Minutes

While most of the Hosting companies take days to deploy dedicated servers, InterServer hosting gives it to within 15 minutes. Moreover, you will have all the controls on specifications. You just have to choose the technical specification and submit your request.

InterServer Affiliate Program

We have worked with many web hosting affiliate programs, but InterServer pays the hight affiliate commission. You can get $100 per sale from InterServer.

InterServer affiliate program has excellent features that help affiliate marketers to earn huge commission. They offer 90 days of cookie period, and it means a user can buy hosting anytime within 90 days, and you will get the commission.

They also offer customer coupon code and attractive landing pages to attract customers.

Is InterServer Hosting Good?

Yes, InterServer Hosting is good, and we do recommend them. Our InterServer review reveals that it is one of the under radar hosting company. They offer excellent reliable and powerful hosting services.

Low cost, high uptime, fastest response time, knowledgable technical staff, and ease of use make them an affordable and reliable hosting company.

Submit InterServer Review

You may have a different experience with InterServer; hence we request you to give you InterServer Review. Let it be good or bad to give your review, and we will review them and publish it if it’s valid.

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Hello Atish, wonderful post. I am also using interserver for my website and to honest its just perfect hosting.

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