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In this blog, we will discuss how we can install a free SSL certificate on the WordPress website. In the previous blog, we saw how to install WordPress. Click here to follow the blog.

SSL provides more security to websites and increases your visitor’s trust. If you have installed SSL then your website will have https instead of HTTP. Below is an image that shows how visitors will see your website with and without SSL.

Websites With SSL Certificate and Without SSL Certificate
Websites With SSL Certificate and Without SSL Certificate

What Is SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL certificate is a digital file that creates a secure connection between client and server. In general terms, all data transfer that happens between a website and user system will happen through an encrypted channel.

It means nobody can see what data a user is accessing from your website. If you use SSL certificate your website is safe from hacking. A hacker cannot get any data or any user information from any website.

Why Use SSL Certificate

Now you may be thinking why to use an SSL certificate. Is it necessary? These days you must install an SSL certificate on your website.

If your website is storing any kind of user information. Then you must use an SSL certificate. Below are some important reasons to use SSL on your website or blog.

  • It increases the visitor’s trust.
  • It provides security.
  • Hackers can not hack your website.
  • It stops Data Theft.
  • Better for search engine ranking

How To Get Free SSL Certificate

There are some ways to get a free SSL certificate. You should not use free SSL if security is important for your website. Free SSL certificate is enough for blogs and small websites that are not related to banking and finance.

Free SSL Certificate from Hosting Provider

You can get free SSL from your hosting provider. Most of the hosting provider provides free SSL from Lets Encrypt. You can install it from cPanel. In the coming section, we will see how to install a free SSL certificate from ChemiCloud cPanel.

Free SSL Certificate from Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a content delivery network for websites. Cloudflare also provides a free SSL certificate for any kind of domain name. If your hosting provider does not provide free SSL then Cloudflare is a good alternative.

You just have to add your domain name to Cloudflare. You can follow this blog to set up free SSL from Cloudflare for your domain.

How To Install Free SSL Certificate

Now we will see how to install a free SSL certificate from Chemicloud cPanel. Chemicloud is an excellent web hosting provider. You can read Chemicloud full review here.

Step 1. Login To ChemiCloud cPanel

The first step is to log in to Chemicloud cPanel. First, click on the client area of Chemicloud and type username and password. In the Dashboard under active services, you will find Manage Product.

Click on manage product. Now under the action section, you will see Login To cPanel. Click on it and a new tab will open which is the cPanel of ChemiCloud.

Step 2. Find Free SSL from Lets Encrypt

Now you need to search Lets Encrypt. It is usually present under the Security section of cPanel. Click on Lets Encrypt to proceed further.

Free SSL Certificate from Lets Encrypt in Chemicloud cPanel
Free SSL Certificate from Lets Encrypt in Chemicloud cPanel

Once you click on Lets Encrypt a new page will open.

Step 3. Issue Free SSL Certificate

Now you can issue your free SSL certificate. You will see all domain names under Issue a new Certificate section. On the right-hand side under actions, you will find an option Issue. Just click on the Issue button.

Issue Free SSL Certificate In ChemiCloud cPanel
Issue Free SSL Certificate In ChemiCloud cPanel

Once you click on the Issue button a new page will open. In this page, you can see all domain and subdomains where SSL certificate will be installed. Scroll down and you can see an Issue button. Click on Issue Button.

Install Free SSL certificate
Install Free SSL certificate

Step 4. Check SSL Certificate

Once you click on the Issue button SSL certificate will be installed on your domain. You will see below confirmation message.

Free SSL Certificate In WordPress Chemicloud cPanel
Free SSL Certificate In WordPress Chemicloud cPanel

You need to wait for a few minutes before you check if SSL is working for your website or not? The first way is to visit your website with https. Your https URL will be https://yourwebsitename. If you see a green padlock symbol it means your website has an SSL certificate.

Another way of checking SSL is to visit the website SSLShoper. Just enter your website name and click on the check button. They will check the SSL configuration and inform you if there is an error.

SSL Checker from SSLShopper
SSL Checker from SSLShopper


The SSL certificate is necessary for every website and blog these days. You can use a free SSL certificate of your hosting provider. If security is important you can purchase an SSL certificate. Now In the comment section mention which SSL certificate you are using.

In the next blog, we will see how to install a WordPress theme in a WordPress site.

This post contains affiliate links. We may get some share if you click the links and purchase products. This helps us to manage this blog.

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