GreenGeeks vs DreamHost Which One Is Best?

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GreenGeeks vs Dreamhost, which one is the best? We bet, you must have came across to this question often.

Zeroing in on a well-suited and cost-effective web hosting service is never easy. Loads of things need to be considered, and only after thorough research can you come to a final decision.

Doing so can be quite intensive since there are so many considerations to be made. Things get even more tricky when you need to make the final decision between two very good web hosting services – Greengeeks and Dreamhost.

However, you don’t have to break a sweat trying to make a decision. We’ve done thorough research and all the necessary homework to help you zero in on the right option for you.

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Let’s have a closer look at which web hosting service excels in which category and the final verdict of GreenGeeks vs Dreamhost reviews.

Popularity GreenGeeks vs DreamHost

Before we start our analysis, let see which one is popular. Best way to find that is to look upon google trends.

Popularity Of GreenGeeks and Dreamhost
Popularity Of GreenGeeks and Dreamhost

As per Google trends, one year of data shows that DreamHost is way popular than GreenGeeks.

Greengeeks vs Dreamhost: Pricing Comparison

While both web hosting services are very similar to each other, their price point is definitely a topic of easy discussion.

Greengeeks vs DreamHost PricingSharedWordPressVPS

The subscription price for Greengeeks can be anywhere between $2.95 per month to $11.95 mo., depending upon the package you choose. However, the subscription price for Dreamhost is between $2.65 to $7.95 month.

On the other hand, your expenses can be lowered if you choose to go with Greengeeks, because of the free domain name.

Thus, from a price viewpoint, Greengeeks is the better choice. It’s important to note here that even though Greengeeks is a more affordable option, they offer a full refund period of only 30 days. However, Dreamhost offers a full refund period of 97 days.

Greengeeks vs Dreamhost: Performance Analysis

Performance of hosting services matters a lot for the best user experience. Server response time and page loading time are the most contributing factors for website performance.

Greengeeks servers have an outstanding response time of 252 ms, whereas the Dreamhost 656 ms.

While GreenGeeks hosting is able to give page loading speed of around 3.2s, Dreamhost hosting’s page loading speed a bit high around 4s.

Of course, page loading speed depends on many factors and you can follow some proven tips to increase page loading speed.

Greengeeks vs Dreamhost: Uptime Analysis

A web hosting service’s performance is critical in ensuring that your business doesn’t suffer due to bugs, server downtimes, unfriendly interfaces, problematic features, and difficult to understand functionalities.

In the case of Greengeeks vs Dreamhost, Greengeeks offers a superb uptime 99.9%. This ensures that you rarely face a problem with its usage or functionality.

However, this uptime has been surpassed by Dreamhost. Dreamhost offers a fantastic uptime of 100%. This means that the rare times that you might face a server problem with Greengeeks is completely eliminated to zero if you choose Dreamhost.

Now, hosting providers may exaggerate their server uptime. However, you can find a live GreenGeeks uptime statistics here. Similarly, DreamHost uptime statistics are available here.

Greengeeks vs Dreamhost: Essential Features

GreenGeeks vs DreamHost Price Comparision
GreenGeeks vs DreamHost Price Comparision

Greengeeks offers Unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth and numerous free features including, free domain, SSL, SEO, and marketing tools.

Free cPanel dashboard, drag-and-drop website builder, automatic nightly backups make GreenGeeks a user-friendly hosting provider.

To enhance security, along with free SSL GreeenGeeks offers free DDoS protection, Cloudflare CDN and built-in firewall and security

Above all, Greengeeks also offers automatic WordPress core updates, built-in PHP caching, optimized HTTP and MySQL, mobile-friendly responsive themes, and easy shopping cart integrations.

On the other hand, Dreamhost also offers unlimited SSD storage, free SSL certificate, and unlimited bandwidth.

You can get a free domain in yearly plans that come with free DDoS protection.

Unfortunately, Dreamhost does not provide cPanel access. However, their built-in hosting dashboard is easy to understand and user friendly.

GreenGeeks vs DreamHost Price Reviews
GreenGeeks vs DreamHost Price Reviews

Greengeeks vs Dreamhost: User Reviews

After thorough research of both these web hosting services, it was found that users found using Greengeeks simpler than Dreamhost.

They found it to be more user-friendly. Plus, the customizable packages offered them a better value for their investment. However, they did find the connectivity of Greengeeks lacking at times.

On the other hand, users found that the uptime of servers for Dreamhost was always 100%. They never faced any connectivity issues or server downtime.

While they did find a user interface to be a little bit tricky, the optimized WordPress hosting seemed to make up for it. However, Dreamhost was still found to be more expensive than Greengeeks.

Greengeeks vs Dreamhost: Support Team Review

When it comes to customer support, Greengeeks offers 24×7 support via three channels – phone, live chat, and support email.

GreenGeeks customer support is also offered round the year. This means that even if it is a holiday, the Greengeeks customer support team will be present online to answer your doubts and resolve any issues you might be facing.

Plus, their customer support team is also highly responsive and very quick at issue resolution.

On the other hand, Dreamhost also offers good enough customer support, but it isn’t as responsive and available as Greengeeks.

Dreamhost customer support is available via online chat and emails. They charge extra cost for phone support, which is not the case with DreamHost.

If you are looking to receive frequent and highly responsive customer care support, we highly recommend going for Greengeeks than Dreamhost.

Which One Is Green Hosting?

Now, if we talk about the performance of both from a climate point of view, Greengeeks seems to take away the price very easily.

As its name suggests, Greengeeks has a very low carbon footprint since it restores energy that it consumes.

This is made possible by purchasing wind energy points. This 300% powered wind energy is very beneficial for companies that are looking to comply better with environmental regulations.

GreenHosting benefit, however, is not provided by Dreamhost.

Pros and Cons of Greengeeks and Dreamhost

Greengeeks Pros

  • Free CDN.
  • Live chat, phone, and email support are available
  • The server supports Java, Python and Perl language support
  • Multiple payment options are available
  • 24x7x365 customer support
  • User-Friendly cPanel Dashboard.

Greengeeks Cons

  • No cloud hosting support.
  • Full refund period for only one month.

Dreamhost Pros

  • Forum support
  • NodeJS, PHP, and Python language support
  • MongoDB database support
  • Full refund period of 97 days
  • 100% server uptime

Dreamhost Cons

  • The extra cost for phone support.
  • No cPanel.

Verdict Greengeeks vs Dreamhost: Which One To Choose?

Both the web hosting services – Greengeeks and Dreamhost –  have numerous benefits to offer one over the other. However, a detailed and comprehensive homework in both these services can help us reach an easy answer.

Considering the most important features that customers require – 24x7x365 customer support via multiple channels, great server uptime, affordable and cost-effective rates, and free features Greengeeks comes out to be the clear winner in this case.

Plus, if you are looking to go for a greener web hosting service that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and comply with the many government-set environmental compliance regulations, Greengeeks is the way to go for you!

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