How to Save Money on Web Hosting Purchase?

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Web hosting is an essential part of any blog or website to run on the internet.

In a long run, its important to save money on web hosting purchases.

There are tons of web hosting providers, but some of them charge more for little service at the starting of your online journey.

There are lots of other things for which you might feel confused while choosing web hosting. Especially when you’re just starting in this online world.

However, if you know some tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing not only cheap but best web hosting.

That’s why in this article I’m going to share tips to save money on web hosting.

These are very simple yet useful tips that clear your doubts and will help you to save more on hosting.

So let’s dive into it.

Tips to Save Money On Web Hosting

If you’re planning to start a blog/site or online store, you need to have one good web host. But it doesn’t mean good could be costlier.

To get web hosting for your new online business doesn’t need high resources servers and hosting.

Your website requirement could be satisfied with simple shared hosting also.

And many other things included for that reason I’ve given smart ways to save money on web hosting below.

So here it is:

1. Go With Shared Hosting 

Go With Shared Hosting
Source: Bluehost

Shared web hosting is the best option for new and established blogs at a cheaper rate.

In shared hosting, one server share among several websites to use resources.

With that, many people think that if I’ll use shared hosting my site going to be crash and hack.

But that’s not the truth.

There are many renowned web hosting provider available who offers top-quality web hosting with an extremely affordable rate.

At the starting of your blog/site, you don’t require higher-level VPS and cloud plans.

In fact, established sites with little or low traffic would be smoothly run with shared hosting plans.

Even, when I started my first ever blog, I was started with a shared hosting plan.

If we talk about the higher level hosting, like VPS and dedicated one, it’s made for high traffic and content-rich sites where every second hundred or thousand visitors visit the site.

So try to go with shared hosting plans and save huge on hosting purchase.

2. Find Coupons & Deals

Find Coupons & Deals

Coupons and deals play the most vital role in saving your hard-earned money while purchasing web hosting.

Almost all hosting providers often run discounts and deals to provides some per cent less on hosting. 

However, if you do a little search on google with a web hosting name coupon or discount, you could find many deals there.

Some companies provide coupon code, and some offers discount through promo links.

This way, you could save more with just coupons or discount links.

So make sure to do little research before buying web hosting.

3. Wait for Special Day like Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Wait for Special Day like Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are one of the most shopping days in the whole year.

That’s why hosting companies offer huge discounts to get new customers.

Almost all hosting companies offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotional deals.

If you have the patience or if it’s near then these are the best days to buy hosting and save more bucks.

If you visit Black Friday deals point, you’ll find all Black Friday web hosting deals with coupons and discount links

Additionally, also check all deals, discounts and shortlist the best and highest discounted hosting provider, Like Bluehost Black Friday sale and hostinger will give you more discount.

So if these days are near, waiting for some time and grab it with a hefty discount.

4. Find Free Domain Offer with Hosting

Find Free Domain Offer with Hosting

To get a unique identity on the internet any online business needs a domain name.

And the domain name cost something around $10-$12 for one year.

So if you find hosting providers that offer a domain for free with hosting then it’s great to deal for you.

Luckily, you have many options for that like Chemicloud, Bluehost & HostGator hosting.

Hosting provider like HostArmada offers free domain name along with free domain transfer.

Many Hosting providers offer the free domain name for the first year for new customers. However, Chemicloud gives you a domain name for a lifetime until you’re using their hosting services.

You can even go for an expired domain, which can give you the age benefit of the domain. Try to find an expired domain.

5. Get Hosting With Longer Subscription

This is also an important point, and I want to point it out here.

Whenever you’re buying web hosting from genuine web hosts, don’t think twice to select the longer term subscription-like 2-3 years.

By doing this, you can save huge, you know why?

Because this way you can buy hosting for a longer period, so it’s saving money from 2X-3X renewal cost.

6. Join Affiliate Programs Use The Credit Balance

Joining hosting affiliate programs and using the earning to pay the hosting price is a great idea to save money on web hosting costs.

Every web hosting offers affiliate programs and promoting them can give you extra earnings.

You can write reviews on hosting platforms or just shares the affiliate links to social networks.

My 100% of hosting is covered by affiliate earnings itself.

7. Join Hosting With Low Renewal Cost

Hosting price is not a one-time payment, once the initial contract is over you have to pay renewal cost.

The renewal costs are usually expensive. Hence, to save money on web hosting, always choose hosting providers that offer low renewal price.

You can also ask for a discount during renewal. Most likely you will get it as hosting providers are very serious retaining existing customers.

TMDHosting and SiteGround are great at offering high renewal discount.

Recommended Hosting Provider

Now, its time that I give you a list of recommended hosting providers that can save money on web hosting to a larger extent.

Chemicloud is at number one that offers 3 years of hosting at 2.76$ per month. Hosting cost includes free lifetime domain, premium support, free CDN, and SSL.

GreenGeeks holds the 2nd position, that provides, 3 years of hosting at 2.95$ per month, including a free domain, SSL, and CDN.

GreenGeeks Hosting Cost
GreenGeeks Hosting Cost

In Conclusion

If you use tips given above while buying web hosting it will surely help you.

There is no need to think about high server hosting at the starting point. Just go with shared hosting and save money. You don’t need a higher one.

Moreover, Make sure to ready you all requirements like a programming language, server configuration, etc. to directly find it while searching for web hosting.

So yeah, these are the tips that might help you to save money on web hosting purchase. If so don’t forget to share and comment below what’s your thought on it?

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