Long Tail Pro Alternatives Free and Paid

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Looking for free and premium Long Tail Pro alternatives?

Don’t worry I have the list for you!

Long Tail Pro is efficient in providing long-tail keywords that rank easily in any search engine. If you have just started a blog then, the long tail pro should be your first keyword analysis tool.

I have been using Long Tail Pro for a long time and was able to rank many of blog posts easily.

The only reason you may be looking for Long Tail Pro alternatives is the high cost.

Before I give you the list of best Long Tail Pro alternatives, I must suggest trying its 7 days free trial offer.

First, I will give you some free alternatives to long tail pro and then the paid versions.

Let’s dive into them.

Free Long Tail Pro Alternatives

1. UberSuggest

Ubersuggest is a free keywords research tool by Neil Patel. Though recently they have introduced pricing plans, still, you can use this tool for free.

UberSuggest Free Long Tail Pro Alternatives
UberSuggest Free Long Tail Pro Alternatives

Visit the home page of UberSuggest and type the primary keyword, select the country, and click on the search button.

First, UberSuggest will show you the overall strength of the keyword. In addition to total search volumes, it shows organic and paid SEO difficulty.

Above all, it shows CPC of the keyword and number of backlinks you need to rank for. Backlink profile analysis really helps a lot if you use your website to sell backlinks.

UberSuggest KeyWords Overview

Now, after scrolling a bit down you should find a section called KeyWord ideas.

Under keyword ideas, you can find a list of long-tail keywords, including search volumes, CPC, paid, and organic SEO difficulty.

im Ubersuggest Long Tail Key Words Suggestion

2. KeyWordSheeter

Keywordsheeter is a free keyword analysis tool that can give 300 long-tail keywords in a single click.

You can also use KeyWordSheeter to get search volume, CPC, and difficulty score of the keyword.

Go to the home page and under Free KeyWord Tool section type your primary keyword.

Then click on Sheet Keywords. It will start generating long-tail keyword suggestions until you click on Stop Sheeting.

KeyWordSheeter Free Long Tail Key Word Generator
KeyWordSheeter Free Long Tail Key Word Generator

Now, scroll a little bit down and you will find the list of all keyword in a tabular format.

You can also download the report and analyze them further to find the best keyword for your post.

KeyWordSheeter Long Tail Keyword Suggestion
KeyWordSheeter Long Tail Keyword Suggestion

3. Google Search Engine Auto Suggest

Google Search engine’s auto-suggest method gives us the keyword that millions of users are searching on a daily basis.

You can apply a few simple tricks and can get many long-tail keywords for free. Experts say that using these suggestions as a subtopic is more beneficial for SEO ranking.

First, go to Google Home Page and type your primary keywords.

After typing your main keyword, at the beginning add two underscores and space. Immediately search engine suggests a list of long-tail keywords.

Google Search Engine Free Long Tail Pro Alternatives
Google Search Engine Find Long Tail KeyWords

You can also type the underscores after the main keyword, and in between to find more suggestions.

How To Find KeyWord In Google Search Engine
How To Find KeyWord In Google Search Engine

4. AnswerThePublic.com

AnswerThePublic.com basically analyze the questions that people are asking on the internet and convert them as useful phrases. You can use these phrases to find long-tail keywords for free.

Free Long Tail Pro Alternatives AnswerThePublic
Free Long Tail Pro Alternatives AnswerThePublic

Just type your primary keyword on the home page and click search. AnswerThePublic gives keyword suggestions in five categories, questions, prepositions, comparisons, and related.

Each category consists of various suggestions that you can use as long-tail keywords.

For example under the comparison category, you can find keywords related to the comparison.

How to Use AnswerThePublic To Find Long Tail KeyWords
How to Use AnswerThePublic To Find Long Tail KeyWords

Similarly, you can explore other categories to find more long-tail keywords. You can use these keywords as FAQ or as a subtopics for better SEO ranking

So, the best and free long tail pro alternatives are UberSuggest, KeyWordSheeter, Google autosuggest, and AnswerThePublic.

Premium Long Tail Pro Alternatives

Long-tail pro-free alternatives are good when you are just starting, however when your business grows you should consider premium alternatives.

Long-tail pro premium alternatives give a lot of features that help to find an excessive low competitive keyword with many additional pieces of information.

1. SpyFu

SpyFu is not just a keyword analysis tool, it offers much more like SEO and PPC analysis. Moreover, it is also useful for backlink and keyword tracking.

SpyFu is a cheaper alternative to Long Tail Pro. SpyFu monthly cost starts at $39 per month, whereas Long tail pro price starts at $37 per month.

Now, the price of Long Tail Pro is lesser than SpyFu. However, SpyFu offers more services and does not impose limitations like Long Tail Pro. Hence, as a whole SpyFu is a better alternative to Long Tail Pro.

Above all, SpyFu offers 30 days of money guaranty, whereas Long tail pro offers only 10 days.

Now, let’s see how to use SpyFu to find long-tail keywords.

Step 1. Login to SpyFu and under keyword research type your primary keyword.

Cheaper Long Tail Pro Alternative SpyFu
Cheaper Long Tail Pro Alternative SpyFu

Step 2. Under Similiar keyword click on view all.

Step 3. Right-hand side under filter type minimum keyword count and apply filter.

im How To Use SpyFu Long Tail Keyword

You will get a long list of keywords with monthly search volumes, CPC, and keyword difficulty.

2. Ahref

Ahref is my 2nd favorite tool under cheaper long tail pro alternatives. Ahref is mainly popular for backlink analysis. However, it is also a great tool to find out page and domain authority.

Above all, with a little bit of trick, you can get a long list of low competitive long-tail keyword.

Along with the list, you will also get monthly searches, keyword difficulty, CPC, and the number of incoming backlinks that you need to rank on search engines.

When it comes to price, Ahref is costlier than long tail pro. While the long-tail pro subscription plan starts at $25 per month, Ahref offers it at $99 per month.

Like Long Tail Pro, Ahref offers 7 days free trial period, to test its services. Ahref does have a refund policy of 48 hours, but they may decline if they see high activity within this time.

The reason I am calling Ahref cheaper long tail pro alternatives because you have the option to get it at a very minimal price.

Now, let’s see how you can use Ahref to find long-tail keywords.

Log in to Ahref and go to KeyWord Explorer and type your primary keyword and press enter.

Cheaper Long Tail Pro Alternatives Ahref
Cheaper Long Tail Pro Alternatives Ahref

You will get a whole lot of information on your primary keyword. First is the keyword difficulty along with the number of backlinks you need to rank on top 10 of any search engines. Additional information on CPC, global search volumes, and the number of paid and organic clicks.

Next, go a little bit down and under Keyword ideas by search volume, click on view all. Now, at the top, you have a lot of filter options. Click on Word Count and type of number and apply.

Find Long Tail KeyWord In Ahref
Find Long Tail KeyWord In Ahref

The result shows some low competitive keywords along with keyword difficulty and the clicks that it gets. If you use these keywords in your post, there are good chances of getting a higher rank in search engines.

3. Keyword Revealer

Keyword revealer is my 3rd best suggestion on cheap long tail pro alternatives. Like Longtail pro, keyword revealer gives keywords in subtree format.

Sounds confusing, do not worry I will explain what does that mean.

Log into Keyword revealer and go to the Keyword Brainstorming section and type your primary keyword.

Brainstorming in Keywords Revealer

Once you click search, Keyword Revealer shows you a list of keywords in subtree format along with, monthly search volume and CPC.

Long Tail Pro Alternatives Keyword Revealer.JPG
Long Tail Pro Alternatives Keyword Revealer

You can use these Keywords and you should be fine, but if you want to get more related long-tail keyword then just click on the yellow circle.

Keyword revealer gives further related keywords that you can use and easily rank for. You can use the same method to find more related long-tail keywords from Keyword revealer.

Long Tail Pro Alternatives Keyword Revealer
Find Related keywords in Keyword Revealer

Conclusion Long Tail Pro Alternatives

We must consider the fact that we are looking for Longtail pro alternatives because it indeed an excellent SEO tool. If you are serious and if your budget allows, I strongly suggest going with a premium version of Long Tail Pro.

The best and free long tail pro alternatives are Ubersuggest, KeywordShetter, Google autosuggest, Adwords keyword planner, and AnswerThePublic.com.

On the other hand, the cheaper long tail pro alternatives are Ahref, Spyfu, and Keyword Revealer.

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