Best Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

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These days the internet is becoming more and more populated with websites covering a wide array of subjects. The days of having just a few sites for each topic are long gone. Hence, you must need to follow best ways to increase website traffic to grow your business.

Typing in a single word, phrase, subject, etc can yield hundreds of pages of results and can show you just how populated the internet has truly become.

While it may happen to be a very populated landscape in terms of quantity of sites, there are many ways out there these days that will assist you in drawing the attention you will need to draw to your site to ensure that it will become successful and be set apart from the other sites out there.

Here are best ways to increase website traffic and generate more sales for your website.

Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic By Social Media

Lets discuss about them in details. You may be aware of some mentioned technique. However, we have described, how to use them in efficient ways to get excellent results.

Social Media Marketing:

Best Social Media For Marketing

Social media marketing provides targeted traffic to the website in a cost-effective way.

Top social medial websites have set the latest trend among SEO experts to share website information with potential clients. Some of the popular social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, etc.

The subscriber base of these social sites is really high and by using them you can make your website a brand name in the online world. The best part of social networking website in an online business is that you get a high number of audiences with their views and requirements.

Now we will discuss some most popular social media websites which can help you in promoting your internet business:


Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites which helps smaller as well as large businesses to reach potential customers with messages. Here you share your views and information and followers do comment on your status.

Now day’s customers love to discuss and read reviews with fellow Twitter about products before purchasing them. With a popular discussion, you get more and more bookmarks, sharing and it brings traffic to your website.


One of the most effective social marketing websites where professionals discuss a wide range of topics. Here you can upload photos, videos and it provides a great platform for social media optimization.

Facebook allows you to create pages, events, and discussion groups and you can post informative links for promoting your website.


LinkedIn has a database of more than 8.6 million common and professional people across the world. Here most people search for business contacts for marketing of their products.

LinkedIn profiles get good respect from search engines so adding your website URL in your LinkedIn profile will surely promote your website and business.

Article Marketing:

One of the best ways to drive free traffic to your website is the use of article marketing.

It’s favorable because it’s not hard to understand, it’s easy to implement, you don’t need any special tools, and it’s absolutely free. You write and submit unique, keyword-optimized articles to article directories like

These directories store your articles so that other publishers can use them as content in their blogs, ezines, websites, etc.

That’s great but how does this bring traffic to my site? Well, I’m glad you asked.

At the bottom of your article, you are allowed to provide a resource box. This resource box allows you a short bio of the author. It also allows you to put links to whatever website you may be promoting.

You can use Bluehost or A2 hosting as your hosting provider. Check detailed A2 hosting review and make your decision.

There are restrictions as to how many links you can insert and in most cases, you cannot put self-serving links in the body of your article.

O.K great but How do I get people to see my resource box?

Well, your first mission in article marketing is to provide great content for your prospects. First, figure out who it is you are writing for. Then provide them with something that will add value to that person or group. If they like your article they are likely to pass it on to friends or republish it on their content sites. (Blogs, ezines, etc.)

Oh by the way if someone uses your article your resource box goes with it. Now you have a one-way link back to your offer on someone else’s website. The more relevant and helpful your article is, the more likely it is to be read and used by others.

But I’m not a writer how am I going to write articles?

Nobody said that you had to be a writer you just have to be able to write. (You could pay someone else to do it but that’s a topic for another article) No one is going to critique your use of metaphor and simile. (or whatever other literary term you can come up with).

Pay Per Click Marketing:

PPC marketing is experiencing the highest of its popularity, therefore the competition to be in the top position for numerous keywords becomes very intense. But the fierce rivalry did not stop the marketers, instead, this form of advertising is still the people’s place for marketing.

This pay-per-click popularity is certainly not by chance. Search engines including Google, Yahoo, and MSN are all having an increase in search volume from the number of people that are always using these search engines to look for information, products, and services.

Thus, the visibility you will have from your targeted visitors is exceptional and unmatched.

Pay-per-click marketing won’t have its blown-up popularity if it is merely about getting you aimless traffic. If it was, then it would be all pointless and could cost you thousands of dollars.

However, PPC marketing is all about focus and assurance that your advertisements will only appear in the searches that are relevant to what you are offering. The key point here is relevance because, without it, you could well be in a war with no weapons to protect you.

Apart from getting lots of traffic onto your site, you should also consider that PPC gives your website all the attention it could give. In case you don’t attract many clicks, there is still the opportunity of appearing at the top of the page or to the right side of the search results page.

In fact, most internet marketers invest in PPC due to its dual purpose. First, the possibility to get a visitor to come to your site. Second, is the chance for that same visit to see your products or services even if you don’t get that click.

This can only mean that you are establishing your web presence as your business grows on the internet.

Obtaining that site traffic is where pay-per-click marketing truly excels. Basically, write an ad text and bid on keyword terms, and you could instantly get traffic the next minute.

You can get them running and live within minutes of setting up your ad campaigns. Also, you can easily edit your ads in real-time.

Therefore, no time is wasted as it ensures that your ads are always targeted. PPC marketing absolutely represents a unique opportunity for your business on the web.


Search Engine Optimization still possesses a special place in this world. When a website is launched, the developers crave to get more traffic with the passage of time.

Your website may be serving the highest quality, but it just isn’t worth it if fails to attract a handful of users to it. Use tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs which are the best in the industry.

As time has progressed, digital has taken over the world completely and today everything seems to be accessed conveniently. So if the website you developed emerges on the first page of the most commonly used search engines, you’ve done your job.

However, if it lands on the fifth page, maybe you need to get something fixed in there. After all, how many of us as users go beyond the first few pages of the search engine?

You may desire to be an SEO expert yourself, but since this planet is a complicated one you might want to resort to other choices.

Search Engine Optimization Services are commonly in use today and work professionally in helping you achieve your business targets.

From keeping an eye at the appropriate content being uploaded, coming up to the speed and optimization levels of the customers, and keeping a good eye at any inappropriate practices that may come up, it is a relief to make use of them. It surely lessens your hassles and gets you closer to your goals.

Video Marketing:

Online video is the new face of the Internet and will continue to grow in the coming years. The technological advancements in Internet technology have given us a new way to communicate with people across the globe.

Online video portals are gathering massive amounts of traffic every day with video views in thousands in a matter of hours. This is the right time to make use of this attention to online video for your benefit.

Many people think that creating and posting an online video is something only corporate companies do. But average marketers with very little knowledge of Internet technology are making use of video as a medium to reach more customers easily and with great results.

This is because success in any business does not depend on tools, it depends on the “message” and video is the best way to express you.

Another important reason why video is so popular is that it is easier to “view” than to read or even “hear” a message. Since most of us are quite used to watch TV, it becomes easier to watch a video online. In this way, the visitor is much more receptive to a video message than reading an article or website text content.

Creating and posting an online video can be done in many forms. A video can simply be a slide show of the benefits of a product or even an actual presentation of a product with a real person using it. All the marketing techniques that are required to write website content, apply to video as well.


In the current scenario, online marketing is very important, as it enables targeted customers to find the company online quickly and without any hassles. We hope, you follow the above best ways to increase website traffic and grow your business to next level.

Every company should have a good online marketing strategy. A business owner does not have to come up with such a strategy on his or her own, as there are many internet marketing agencies that can help a business owner take advantage of the internet and the many advertising opportunities that it provides.

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